development milestones

Your little one is not a baby anymore, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop looking for development milestones!

Toddler milestones are a very important part of your son or daughter’s development, and these ones coming are going to be as exciting and funny as the baby milestones he accomplished in his first year of life. 

For starters, he’s walking now! And if he’s not, walking is one of the development milestones he’s going to reach very soon. Others will be going up and down the stairs, kicking balls and even running and climbing!  He’ll also be able to play with balls and do simple routines like taking off his clothes. He will want to do everything himself, so take advantage of his wilful nature to teach him to do all sorts of things. 

But mobility isn’t the only thing that is improving. Your toddler’s development milestones also include communication: he will soon be able to say many different words, and also to understand more complicated commands, like those in two steps, for instance, “pick up your toy and put it in the box”. Social skills are also an important part of toddler milestones, so make sure he has the opportunity to play with other children and learn how to share. Tantrums will make an appearance soon – your little one is becoming more independent and is developing his own personality, so you, as his mum, will have to establish some boundaries! 

And, of course, we can’t forget one of the most important development milestones: potty training! Even if this can also happen later in his development, he may show interest in learning really soon.


Your toddler’s development milestones

Let’s take a look at what your toddler is going to be learning during his second year of life. CaptainMums provides more detailed articles on everything he’s supposed to be doing in the different stages, so click on them to go to the different articles about them and read on! 

Your toddler’s development milestones can be divided in the following stages:

  • 15 month old milestones: At this stage, the phase of saying just “mummy” and “daddy” is over, and your toddler can say plenty of things! You may notice that “no” is one of his favourite words, but this is normal: he’s just expressing what he wants – or doesn’t want in these cases! Make sure to read him plenty of stories before bedtime: Your toddler will be thrilled, and you’ll discover that is a very intimate and enjoyable time for you too.

  • 18 month old milestones: You will see with joy how your little one starts to use verbs and makes and attempt at saying full sentences! By now, your toddler is supposed to be walking, so make sure to go to the doctor if he hasn’t started yet.

  • 21 month old milestones: If tantrums haven’t made an appearance yet, this is the time! Your toddler exerting his independence is one of the main development milestones, so make sure to be patient and calm whenever tantrums happen. Make sure to teach him how to share too, especially when playing with other children. This is a good time to start potty training, but make sure that your toddler has shown interest in it first – forcing him will not bring great results in this matter.

  • 2 year old milestones: The little baby that you had to carry around with your and that required your constant care seems to be very far away at this point! The development milestones at 2 years old include running, climbing, imitating and even scribbling or drawing! He’s able to express himself with quite expertise as well, and understands you very well too.


Once he’s two years old, your toddler is a fully grown little child with his own personality, likes and dislikes. Some of the development milestones here explained may take longer than two years, and even may continue later on. Potty training can take a while, and you will be dealing with your kid’s tantrums for longer too. So load up in patience and keep on living the adventure that is being a mum!