15 month old milestones

Your gorgeous toddler is changing so fast! Before you know it, he is going to reach the 15 month old milestones, another fascinating stage in a toddler's development.

You will notice not only a quick physical change, but also a remarkable improvement of his psychomotor activity. At this point, you will begin building a true relationship with your baby that will only deepen as his communication skills grow. Pay attention to every single detail of his behaviour, because your toddler will be speaking to you in his own way. All that said, there are a few steps that you can follow to make this special time even better.


15 month old milestones: Bigger or smaller? Healthy!

Checking on your toddler's development can sometimes lead to anxiety. Is he tall enough for his age? Does he weigh the average? Just so you know, the normal height for a 15-month-old ranges from 77 to 79 cm, while the ideal weight is about 11 kg. Despite this information, don't panic if he doesn't fit into the standards. Every baby is different, and so is his development. As long as you look after his health, the rest will fall into place.


15 month old milestones: Next level of interaction

By the 15th month, your toddler is full of surprises. One of the 15 month milestones is his walking becoming more and more stable. He can explore places that he wasn't able to access before. Curiosity defines the baby, who's ready to face such daunting obstacles as stairs, even if that means getting back to crawling. His motor skills allow the toddler to keep playing with push-and-pull toys, but also with bigger ones.


15 month old milestones: Talk to him

One of the most exciting things about a baby's 15 month milestones is his incredible ability to learn a language. The phase of ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’ is over: he starts understanding messages and some words that he'll repeat as soon as he can. The important thing here is for you to give him easy commands that he can easily associate with facts. Eating, toilet needs, playing and bathing times are some of the most common requests that you can hear from your baby these days. You can also help your toddler improve his vocabulary with some easy games: Identify objects by pointing at them, say their name or describe them. Little by little, he will learn to identify them too! Additionally, singing songs can be useful while also providing fun bonding time between mother and child.


15 month old milestones: Get used to the 'NO'

Don't be shocked if your wonderful child appears to be in denial all the time. You may hear the word 'no' in response to everything, but that's completely normal. It's a way for the toddler to show needs and desires. Set a strategy to not let him get away with it all the time; he needs to experience feelings like frustration and minor disappointments, because they will help to shape his behaviour, which can last a lifetime.


15 month old milestones: Food, another way of learning

Food is another important aspect of a baby's development. At this point, he can manipulate silverware fairly well -either for putting the food into his mouth or for throwing it around the room! Don't focus too much on the mess, because this is part of his learning process. To make it easier, don’t forget to use a plastic bib that is easy to clean. When it comes to feeding him, let him munch on all kinds of baby food (meat, fish or egg). This is also a great time to introduce legumes into her diet, because they'll provide a lot of energy, which he needs to grow big and strong!


15 month old milestones: Sweet dreams – and stories!

Your baby may not yet sleep all through the night, and sometimes it can be hard to put him to sleep, so this is a great opportunity for you to start telling him stories. This is an intimate time with your child that you'll never forget, so enjoy it! If daddy is also a part of the bedtime ritual, this can be a great way to spend time together as a family. You don’t have to worry if the baby still needs a dummy to fall asleep because this is pretty normal at 15 months.


15 month old milestones: The doctor, your best ally

As a good mum, you'll want to be sure to make all recommended doctor's visits. One of the problems you may be facing now is teething, which is caused by molars growing into place. As an easy solution, gently rub his sore gums with your fingers in order to relieve the pain.


This is such an important period of time in a baby's development because of the 15 month old milestones. This is when the way he interacts with you will change on so many levels, and when the two of you can begin building a strong relationship based in communication.