Your little baby is not so little anymore – he’s a toddler now, and he’s become a little person with his own likes and dislikes and a well-formed personality. The days of being up all night and carrying breast milk or baby bottles around are probably other, but you will still need a lot of energy: Your toddler has started walking (or he will start very soon) and moving around everywhere, so keep dangerous objects out of hand to ensure his security! 

Check out Captain Mums’ articles on toddler milestones to keep track of his development. After his first birthday, your toddler will start doing new and exciting things: he’ll go from saying a few words to forming full sentences and he will understand you better.

There will be some challenges on your way as well: as your toddler grows up, he will want to gain some more independence from his mummy: tantrums are something almost all mummies will have to deal with, and potty training is no piece of cake either!


Playing and learning

At this stage, stimulating your child is as important as ever. Having fun with your toddler is very important, as it is more than just fun: by playing with him, you help him develop social skills and increase his intelligence. Besides, you can also use toddler games to handle other tricky issues: play with him to get him to eat more veggies, for instance.

This is the time when he will also start to show his temper. He may have bad reactions such as hitting and biting, so try hard to teach him that there are other kinder ways. You can also teach him responsibility by involving them in the house chores – of course, toddler-appropriate chores! He could try to start dressing himself, or even helping you set the table!

Remember that you can always turn to our Forums to learn other mummies’ experiences with their respective toddlers. Share yours as well!

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