unusual baby names

Many parents want their children to be special and unique, and the first step is picking unusual baby names for them.

Celebrities are pros in picking unique baby names for their little ones – and it always seems to work for them! So, if you want your little one’s name to be unique, don’t hesitate and go for it! There are plenty of options and for sure your baby will pull it off!

Uncommon baby names have some setbacks as well, though, so it’s better to take them into consideration before actually picking unusual names. Your little one will have his or her name during all his or her life, so this is not a light decision! Let’s take a look at the pros and the cons of unusual baby names then. 


Unusual baby names: The good

The first good thing about unusual baby names is, of course, the uniqueness. Your son won’t have to worry about being Daniel number three in his class, or won’t identify by his surname instead of his name. Many parents find it annoying when their children are called by their surname by their friends – they picked a beautiful name for them, so why wouldn’t they use it? Choosing unique baby names would be a solution for it.

Besides this advantage, that could be considered somewhat practical, another good thing about unique baby names is that they could really make your child feel special. Throughout the years, children learn to develop their personality and create a consciousness about themselves, and having a unique name may be of help for this.


Unusual baby names: The bad

Unfortunately, unusual baby names have some setbacks as well. Unique names may bring some complications, since many of them are hard to spell or to pronounce. Think how it would be like if you had to spell your name every time you have to say it, or if you had to correct people all the time. It would be quite  uncomfortable indeed!

Another inconvenience is related to how the unique names are perceived by others. Kids like to mock each other quite a lot, and unusual names are also a source of jokes sometimes. However, kids are always going to find reasons to pick on each other – so this shouldn’t stop you if you’re a fan of uncommon baby names!


All in all, there are unique baby names for all tastes. If you’re set on picking a special name for your little one, don’t forget to check our lists of unusual baby names for boys and for girls! 

And if you're not convinced by the unique ones, there are many other baby names options!