turkish girls names

Have you ever considered Turkish girls names for your little girl? If not, we strongly recommend you to take a look at the following list.

You will quickly discover how Turkish girl names have beautiful meanings in a different way than the names in other cultures: their meanings are minimalistic, romantic and colourful – they will make you smile for sure!

Here you have CaptainMums’ top selection of Turkish names for girls:


1. Asli

We start our list with Asli, a beautiful and minimalistic name that has many meanings, all of them nice: “sincere”, “essence”, “genuine” or “origin” are some of them. Famous namesakes include the heroine of the Turkish tale Kerem ile Asli, from the 16th century.


2. Aylin

Aylin is one of the most common Turkish girls names, one that has travelled around too – it is not uncommon to find it in other cultures, even with different spellings. The particle ay means moon (you’ll see in this list how many Turkish names for girls contain it), and the full name means “halo around the moon”. We can’t deny it’s a great choice for a baby girl! Other Turkish girls names with the same meaning are Ayla and Tülin.


3. Ceren

This beautiful name goes in a different direction, but its meaning will make you smile nonetheless. Ceren means “young gazelle”.


4. Irmak

Many Turkish names derive from nature elements, and Irmak is one of them – one of the common Turkish girls names, in fact! It means “from the river”, and it is also used as a surname.


5. Seda

This beautiful name means “with echo” or “voice” in Turkish, which makes it a striking, delicate and deep choice for your baby girl. Fun fact: seda means “silk” in Spanish!


6. Gizem

As we said in our article about Turkish names, many Turkish girls names are words used in their language. Gizem is one of them: “mistery”.


7. Kumru

Kumru is one of our favourite among Turkish girls names. It means “dove”.


8. Belgin

This beautiful name means “clear” and “pure”. A classic choice for your girl!


9. Hande

This cute name means “smiling”, and it is closely related to another of the Turkish girls names, Handan, that means “full of joy”. Which of them would you like best for your daughter?


10. Kelebek

Once again, we encounter a nature-based name that this time refers to an animal instead of a nature element. Kelebek means “butterfly”.


11. Umut

Many of the modern Turkish names are unisex, and Umut is one of them. It is a variant of the masculine name Ümit, that means “hope” and comes from the Persian word omid.


12. Meltem

Of the many Turkish girls names based on nature, Meltem is easily one of the most beautiful. It means “wind from the sea”.


13. Nadire

It is the feminine form of one of the Turkish boys names, Nadir, and as such, it means “rare” or “precious”.


14. Beste

If you like music, you’ll probably like this name. Beste means “melody” or “tune” in Turkish, and, besides that, it has a soft and sweet sound!


15. Ece

This beautiful, simple and modest name doesn’t have a modest meaning: it means “queen”. It is pronounced e-je, since the Turkish “c” sounds similar to an English “j”.


16. Cemile

The Turkish version of Camille? Actually, no! It is the feminine form of the name Cemil, one of the Arabic boys names that means “beautiful” – although in Arabic is spelled Jamil, not Cemil.


17. Çağla

Çağla is another one of our favourite Turkish girls names. Besides having a very interesting spelling, it has an incredibly cute meaning: “fresh green almonds”.


18. Derya 

Derya is a beautiful unisex name that means “from the ocean”. There is a similar one, Deniz, that means “from the sea”.


19. Elvan

Elvan is yet another unisex name, that is, it works for both girls and for boys. It means “colourful” or “colours” in Turkish.


20. Yildiz

And we finish our Turkish girls names list with Yildiz, another name with a beautiful meaning: it means “stars” or “like a star”.


So, what did you think of these Turkish girls names?  How many of them did you write in your own selection of names? If you’re in need of more options, don’t forget to visit our baby names by origin database to find more ideas of names from other cultures, or our baby names series of articles for other options. You will find many ideas there, like the most popular baby names or unusual baby names.