turkish boys names

Have you ever heard any Turkish boys names? If you haven’t, you’re missing out!

Turkish boy names not only have a beautiful sound, but they also have great, nature-related or deep meanings. All in all, they are a great option for a baby boy! 

As usual, we at CaptainMums, have prepared a selection with our 20 favourite Turkish names for boys:


1. Altan

We start our Turkish boys names list with Altan, a beautiful nature-related name with a fascinating meaning: “crimsom dawn” or “red dawn”. Fun fact: it is also a Mongolian name that means “golden”.


2. Doruk

Remember how in our article on Turkish names we explained how many of them are related to nature elements? Well, Doruk is one of those names. It means “top of the mountain”. 


3.  Ilkay

Ilkay is a unisex name related to the moon – a common meaning in Turkish names. It means “new moon”.


4. Hakan

Hakan is one of the Turkish boys names that mean “ruler”. It also means “emperor”.


5. Ender

In almost all cultures there is one name or more that refers to being special or unique. Ender is one of the Turkish ones: it means “scarce” or “very rare”.


6. Aydin

Aydin is not only one of the Turkish boys names, it is also a Persian name for boys. It means “enlightened” or “bright”, and it can be spelled in many different ways: Aidin and Ajdin are two of them.


7. Baris

Baris is a name for boys that means “peaceful” or “peace”, but it is also a place name of an ancient Turkish city where we find Isparta today, and also the name of an Egyptian oasis.


8. Onur

Onur is one of our favourite Turkish boys names in this list. It means “honour” or “honourable”.


9. Koray

You just read that the name Ilkay, higher in this Turkish boys names list, means “new moon”. It shares the termination –ay (moon) with Koray, that means “moon of ember”.


10. Ufuk

Another unisex name, Ufuk derives from the Arabic word ufuq, that means horizon – and it means the same thing as a name!


11. Evren

Evren is one of the Turkish boys names and also one of the Turkish girls names, since it is a unisex name. It means “from the universe”.


12. Volkan

Yes, you’ve guessed right. The meaning of the Turkish name Volkan refers to volcanoes: it means ”volcanic”.


13. Zeki

This beautiful name sounds like a diminutive, but it is also a full given name that means “man of intelligence”. There is also a feminine version with the same meaning, Zekiye.


14. Can

A name with just one syllable, but with several meanings – all of them striking! Can derives from the Persian word jan, and it means “spirit”, “heart”, “life” or “man with a soul”. It is pronounced like the English name John, since in Turkish, the “c” is pronounced with a “j” sound.


15. Devrim

Devrim is a choice with strength for your baby boy. It means “revolution” or “revolutionary” in Turkish.


16. Selim

Selim is the Turkish version of one of the Arabic boys names, Salim, that derives from the word salima, that means “to be safe”.  It is also a name with history, since Selim was the name of the father of the Ottoman sultan Süleyman the Magnificent and of two other sultans!


17. Asil

Asil is one of the Turkish boys names and one of the Arabic boys names. In both cases, it means “noble”, “pure” or “origin”.


18. Tutku

The last of the unisex Turkish names in this list, Tutku just means “desire”. A wonderful choice, whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl!


19. Bulut

Bulut is another one of the Turkish boys names that are related to nature. In this case, it means “cloud”.


20. Taner

And if we started our Turkish boys names list with Altan, that means “crimson dawn”, we finish it with another name related to sunrise. Taner means “born with dawn”.


So, as you can see, Turkish boys names are a great option for your baby boy, since they have the two essential qualities of any name: a beautiful sound and a deep meaning! Are you going to write down any of these as an option for your son? If not, you can look for more ideas in our baby names series of articles or our baby names by origin series. You will find many ideas there, like the most popular baby names or unusual baby names.


Need help? Ask other mummies in CaptainMums' forum!


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