sore breasts

If you have sore breasts and you are still wondering if you are pregnant or not, well- almost crystal clear!

Most future mums cope with tender and tingling breasts during the first trimester of pregnancy. The feeling, of course, is accompanied by a prominent growth of your bosom that may even astonish you. Don't worry, you have reasons; changing from a B-cup to a D-cup in just a few weeks can seem like magic... or even a curse, depending on how much you like the idea. 

Needless to say, all these changes have a clear purpose: to turn your breasts into 'baby food suppliers'. But how does this process work? Why do your breasts feel so sensitive all of a sudden? Keep reading to find out some very useful information regarding sore breasts and how to ease the pain they cause.


Why do I have sore breasts in pregnancy? 

We, at CaptainMums, don't have any particular issue with pregnancy hormones, but once again they are the ones to blame for your sore breasts! Truly, progesterone and oestrogen are in charge of both making your breasts grow and develop the ducts through which milk will flow. We can't forget about all the extra fat, mostly adipose tissue, that's building up in the area, where there's also an increased blood flow. Given such an impressive transformation, the soreness you may feel isn't surprising at all. By the way, the change in size will probably be bigger if you are about to be a first-time mother!


When will I start having sore breasts?

The symptoms will appear in your body very early in your pregnancy. So early that, as suggested in the beginning of the text, you may have sore breasts before having a positive result on a pregnancy test. They are, in fact, one of the first signs of pregnancy! However, and trying to be more precise, the symptoms usually start between 4 weeks pregnant and 7 weeks pregnant, and they’ll become increasingly bad until the end of the first trimester. Then, the hormone levels will get more under control, and you should feel some relief, but still with ups and downs.


What can I do to relieve sore breast pain?

In order to ease the soreness in your breasts, you have different possibilities to consider. Take note and test them, so that you find the one or the ones that work for you and help you feel better:

  • Get a comfortable bra: your sore breasts will be changing as your pregnancy goes on, so you'll need a supportive bra that's also suitable for different sizes. Avoid wearing an underwire bra, even if the wire is made of plastic, because this kind tends to be pretty rigid. Normally, pregnant women feel uncomfortable wearing them.

  • Have your bra fitted: Get some professional help to measure the under part and around your sore breasts to determine both the size and the cup. You should do it a few times throughout while expecting a baby, so you can get a bra that is best suited for you. If you know how to, you can do it yourself.

  • Wear a cotton sleep bra: even if we are asleep, tender breasts may get no relief unless we protect them. And that's why you should wear a maternity cotton sleep bra.

When having intercourse with your partner, you will probably benefit from some boundaries! Your bosom hurts now more than it ever did before, and it is extremely sensitive to the touch. You can have fun together, but don’t forget to let him now how much your sore breasts ache. Squeezing them probably isn't a good idea, unless you are one of the few lucky ones who aren’t suffer from unwanted sensitivity!


Other changes in your breasts

Besides the tingling feeling, your sore breasts during pregnancy will most likely experience other changes that you should be aware of. Keep an eye on:

  • Nipples: they will hurt, obviously, but they will also stick out and feel extremely tender.
  • Areolas: this is the dark spot around your nipples that, late in your pregnancy, will turn even darker and bigger. Don't be scared, because it's very normal. Montgomery tubercles, sweat glands that keep your breasts lubricated during pregnancy, are growing in the same area.
  • Veins: It is also possible that a 'network' of blue veins shows up under your breast skin. It's just a little part of the complex connection that your body is building up between you and your future munchkin.