russian girls names

If you’ve never considered Russian girls names for your baby girl, this article is for you. And why?

Well, because you will probably be interested in them once you learn about some of their meanings and origins. If you are worried about the Cyrillic alphabet, you will be happy to know that Russian girl names can be easily translated to our Latin one – in fact, you may be surprised when a few of them already sound familiar to you!

As usual, we at CaptainMums have prepared our selection of Russian names for girls. Here’s our top 20!


1. Alina

Alina is one of the most famous Russian girls names. It is of Slavic origin and it’s considered to be the Slavic version of Helen. It means “bright” and “beautiful” and it can be shortened to Lina and even Lena.


2. Alyona

Alyona is a variation of the name Alina – If you read our article on Russian names, you probably read that they have some interesting particularities, one of them being that many names have derivations either in the termination or the stem. Well, Alyona is one of the latter, Alina being the other variation! These Russian girls names are considered variations themselves, of the name Yelena, the Russian version of Helen.


3. Vera

This beautiful name is thought to come from the Latin word verus, which means “true”. However, the name Vera also means “faith” in Russian!


4. Valentina

Valentina is one of those very Russian girls names that aren’t actually Russian – It comes from the Roman surname Valentinus, which comes from the name Valens (“vigorous” or “healthy”). However, Valentina is a name that runs deep in Russian culture and history thanks to Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, who became the first woman in space in 1963.


5. Galina

Another name that runs deep in Russian tradition but that has a different origin: It comes from Greek galens, that means “calm”. I may sound familiar to you because it’s the name of one of the main characters of Netflix series Orange is the New Black, Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov, a Russian who emigrated to the United States.


6. Ekaterina

In other articles about baby girls names, we’ve mentioned that Katherine is one of the most translated names of all times – in fact, it’s hard to find a Western language that doesn’t have one or many versions of it! Ekaterina is the Russian one, and it can also be spelled Yekaterina (which is the actual Russian, since Ekaterina is more used in Bulgaria and Macedonia). The meaning of Ekaterina is not clear, but Christian tradition considers it to come from Greek katharos, that means “pure”.


7. Zlata

Zlata is not only one of the Russian girls names but it is also Serbian, Macedonian and Bulgarian. It is the feminine variation of Zlatan, which comes from the Slavic word zlato (gold) and means “golden”.


8. Irina

Another of the most famous Russian girls names, right? Well, it is not actually Russian! It is a cognate of the Greek name Irene, which means “peace”. Cognates are two different words that have a similar origin.


9. Kseniya

Pronounced ksye-nee-yah, this beautiful name is the Russian version of the Greek name Xenia, which means “hospitality”.


10. Yuliya

Another very Russian name with a Latin origin, Yuliya is the Russian and Bulgarian version of the name Julia, which comes from Latin Julius, a Roman family name. It’s pronounced yoo-lee-yah. Its masculine variations are also very used as Russian boys names: Yuli or Yuliy.


11. Ludmila

This beautiful name has a very beautiful meaning. It comes from the Slavic words lyudu, that means “people” and milu, that means “dear”, and it is translated as “favour of the people”. It can also be spelled Ludmilla and Lyudmila.


12. Lada

Lada is one of the Russian girls names that are based on Slavic mythology. Lada was the goddess of love, beauty and marriage, and also of harmony and merriment. The origin of the word is thought to be in lada, a word in Old Czech that means “maid”. It is also used as a short form of the name Ladislava.


13. Nadezhda

This name may sound complicated, but it has a beautiful meaning: It means “hope” in Slavic. Besides being one of the Russian girls names, it is also used in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Macedonia. It’s pronounced nah-dyezh-dah.


14. Olga

If anybody asked you to say one of the Russian girls names, you would probably say Olga without hesitating. In fact, it is the Russian variation of the name Helga, a name that originates in Old Norse, but its deep roots in Russian history and tradition go way beyond origins!


15. Olesya

Olesya is one of the variations of Olga, and thus comes from the same origin: the Old Norse name Helga, which derived from the word heilagr (“holy” or “blessed”).


16. Polina

Polina can have two different origins: some people think it is the Russian version of the name Paulina (that comes from the Roman family name Paulinus), whereas others think it is a short form of the name Apollinariya, of Greek origin. 


17. Rada

Rada is one of the cutest Russian girls names, and it also has a cute meaning: it comes from the Slavic word rad, which means “happy”.


18. Svetlana

Another one of the famous Russian girls names, Svetlana is, finally, a popular Russian name with a Russian origin! It comes from the Slavic word svet, that means “world” or “light”. It is also used in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia, where it is spelled Svjetlana. The name gained a lot of popularity in the 19th century thanks to Russian poet Vasily Zhukovsky and his poem Svetlana.


19. Tatyana

Also spelled Tatiana, it comes from the Roman name Tatianus. It has a beautiful diminutive that is sometimes used as a full given name, Tanya.


20. Ulyana

And we finish our Russian girls names list with another name with a very Russian sound and a not-so-Russian origin! Also spelled Uliana, it is the Russian variation of Juliana, again, derivate from the Roman name Iulianus.


Did you like these Russian girls names? As you can see, many of them are not extremely uncommon in cultures other than Russian, and others are easily adaptable – Russian girls for names are easily shortened, and are a great choice for your baby girl! However, they may not sound right to you – if that’s your case, you have many more options in our baby names series of articles and our baby names by origin series. There you will find other ideas, like celebrity baby names or traditional baby names