russian boys names

If you’re looking for a special name for your baby boy, we recommend you take a look at Russian boys names.

If you’ve read our article on Russian Names, you will have learnt some particularities about them, so you won’t be surprised when you read about their interesting meanings and origins.

As we have with many baby names by origin, we have done our top selection of Russian names for boys. Let’s get to it!


1. Aleksey

Also spelled Alexei, it is the Russian form of Alexis, a Greek name that means “defender”. It is one of the most popular Russian boys names, and it was the name of a Russian tsar of the 17th century.


2. Arkady

Also spelled Arkadiy, it is another one of the Russian boys names that derive from Greek names, in this case Arkadios, which means “from Arcadia”. However, it is an important name in Russian tradition, since it was the name of one of the protagonists of the classical 19th century novel Fathers and Sons, by Ivan Turgenev.


3. Boris

Of course, this is one of the Russian boys names that won’t be a novelty for you. It comes from a Turkic name, Bogoris, but its meaning is not entirely clear: it could be “wolf”, “snow leopard” or… “short”! The name Boris has a long history in the Slavic world. In the 11th century, a Russian prince called Boris was martyred with his brother and thus became Saint Boris. Besides, it was King Boris I of Bulgaria who, in the previous century, converted the country to Christianity. In recent history, we can’t forget about Russian ex President Boris Yeltsin.


4. Vasily

Vasily is one of our favourite Russian boys names: it is the Russian form of the Greek name Basileios, which means “king”. It can also be spelled Wassily. Famous namesakes include expressionist and abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky.


5. Vlad

You may think that Vlad is short for Vladimir, or even Vladislav. In fact, Vlad is an old short form of both of them, and of all the Slavic names that begin with vladeti, that means “to rule”. Famous namesakes include the real inspiration for Dracula, Vlad III the Impaler, the bloodthirsty Prince of Wallachia.


6. Gennady

Also spelled Gennadiy, it is the Russian form of Gennadios, a Greek form that means “noble” or “generous”.


7. Dmitry

Dmitry, also spelled Dmitriy, is probably the most famous among the Russian boys names. It comes from the Greek name Demetrious, which derived from that of the goddess of the earth, Demeter. Famous namesakes include the inventor of the periodic table, Dmitriy Mendeleev.


8. Daniil

This beautiful name is, as you’ve probably guessed, the Russian form of Daniel. It means “God is my judge”.


9. Igor

Igor is one of the most famous Russian boys names, and it is pronounced ee-gahr. It is the Russian form of the Old Norse name Yngvarr, a mix between the name of the god Yngvi and the particle arr, which means “warrior”. Famous namesakes include the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky.


10. Bogdan

This beautiful name comes from the Slavic words bogu, that means “god” and dan, that means "given", so it means “given by God”.


11. Ivan

If you’ve scanned through some of the articles in our baby names by origin series, Ivan must not be a stranger for you at this point. The Slavic version of the name John, Ivan is a very popular name in many countries and cultures.


12. Ilya

This beautiful and minimalistic name is the Russian variation of the Hebrew name Elijah. It’s pronounced eel-yah.


13. Kirill

Kirill is the Russian version of the name Kirillos, a Greek name that means “lord”. It’s pronounced kee-reel.


14. Lev

Lev is one of our favourite Russian boys names, thanks to its minimalistic beauty. It means “lion”, and it is a variation of the name Leo, also used in Russia. Lev was the real name of Russian writer Leo Tolstoy.


15. Matvei

Matvei is the version in Russian boys names of another name very popular in our country. Can you guess which one? That’s right! It’s the Russian form of Matthew, which means “gift of Yahweh”. It’s pronounced math-vyay.


16. Nikita

Nikita is one of the most popular Russian boys names, and it is only masculine even if it has been adopted as a feminine name in other countries, like, for instance, France. It derives from Greek Niketas, which means “victor”.


17. Oleg

Oleg is the masculine version of the name Olga, and the Russian variation of the Old Norse name Helge.


18. Ruslan

Ruslan is thought to be a short form of the Folklore name Yeruslan, which is thought to derive from Turkic arslan (lion). It was used by poet Aleksandr Pushkin in the 19th century poem Ruslan and Ludmila.


19. Stanislav

Stanislav isn’t just one of the Russian boy names, it is a popular name in many countries with a Slavic tradition: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia. It comes from the Slavic words stani (become) and slava (glory). It can be shortened to Slava or Stan.


20. Yaroslav

And we finish our Russian boys names list with a Russian name of Polish origin, Yaroslav, that comes from Jaroslaw. It comes from the Slavic elements yaru (“energetic” or “fierce”) and slava (glory), and it thus means “fierce and glorious”. It also has a feminine form, Yaroslava – from Polish Jaroslawa.


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