pregnant at christmas

If you happen to be pregnant at Christmas, don't approach such holidays with low expectations, as you can still 'have yourself a merry little Christmas'.

Yes, you may easily get overwhelmed by what's coming: never-ending feasts with your family, friends and even coworkers, accompanied by marathon shopping sessions. The 'most wonderful time of the year' can lead to many moments of joy, sure, but also to annoying situations, like putting up with your brother-in-law that, somehow, decides to light up a cigar while sitting next to you (“Do you remember at all that I'm expecting a baby?”).

Fortunately, being pregnant at Christmas can be a bonus if you manage to stand for your future-mum priorities, rather than letting others drag you into certain dynamics. That's why we at Captain Mums want to provide you with some useful tips to spend these holidays in the best way possible while waiting for your baby's arrival.


1- Sleeping at night... and during the day

You may be attending different parties these days, but that's not bad at all, especially if you are on holidays. However, don't forget that sleeping long hours and being rested is very important under your circumstances. Therefore, don't deprive yourself of having fun and, if you stay up late, make it up either by getting up later than you would normally do or by napping with no regrets. The latter option can come in handy after gorging on delicious food, so what else can you ask for?


2- Moderation is the key to success when you’re pregnant at Christmas

It's hard to say 'no' to roast turkey with cranberry sauce, bread sauce, roast potatoes, Christmas pudding or chocolate yule log, isn't it? Well, then don't! As long as you know what foods to avoid during pregnancy, like alcohol, rare meats and certain fish, you shouldn't be picky about it. Also, this may be a great opportunity to indulge your tummy without getting judgemental comments and looks in response. Nevertheless, you should set your own limits when it comes to lowering the craving for fatty foods and goodies.


3- Pregnant at Christmas? Let others host the celebration

If you are tired of being the one hosting the Christmas celebration year after year, this time, being pregnant at Christmas, you've got the perfect excuse to change the course of events. You may be either dealing with pregnancy symptoms or trying not to lose balance, due to your big baby bump, so invite yourself to a party instead of letting the party come to your place. That will reduce the typical stress revolving the preparation of the food, cleaning and making the space suitable for a lot of people.


4- Cleaning? What's that? 

Being pregnant at Christmas may help you weasel the way out of the worst part: cleaning all the after-party mess. We don't mean to awake your selfish side here, yet if there's a time in life in which you can skip such chores or, at least, contribute the least without starting a family war, this is it!


5- If you’re pregnant at Christmas, take it easy

Santa is coming to town and a lot of people are wrecking havoc at the shopping malls, but you don't have to keep up with them. Pace yourself according to how you feel and enjoy the Christmas shopping with just the right amount of pressure. Also, you can take advantage of this time of the year to stock up on baby essentials for your future child, as you may find many bargain items during the holidays sales.


6- Team up for decorating

If you are one of those ladies who like to be in charge of the Christmas decorations, you should consider letting others give you a hand. Making the Christmas cards, decorating and lightning the Christmas tree, among other traditions, can be a shared experience between you and your partner, other relatives or friends who are willing to help you.


7- Make Christmas about you

Being pregnant at Christmas is a good opportunity to get a lot of attention. Considering that not everybody likes that, keep in mind that next year everything will turn around your baby, which will be amazing, but after all that you are going through these days, you also deserve to be treated like a queen. This doesn't necessarily mean that every conversation with your family must be about your pregnancy, but it's nice to feel that people care and are there for you during this special time in your life.

Do you want to avoid crossing the line when it comes to putting on weight at Christmas? There's an easy trick that can work out as a self-control mechanism! Try snacking a little bit right before going to any Christmas celebration, as that's going to make you feel full way sooner. As a result, you'll 'just' end up eating for two, instead of for three or four, and you won't have to fear facing the scale... and an eventual scolding from your doctor.


As you can see, being pregnant at Christmas has more advantages than you could initially imagine. Yes, you may have to turn down the champagne and watch what's in your dish, but such details won't bother you as long as you can count on your people for the rest.