pregnancy week by week

Being pregnant is such an amazing and unique journey and you will want  to live your pregnancy, week by week, to the fullest.

To do so, CaptainMums gives you a hand with this useful pregnancy week by week guide that covers all the stages of pregnancy. And how many weeks is a pregnancy, you may ask: Gestation lasts 40 weeks, but since it is not uncommon for it to last 41 or 42, those last overdue weeks are included as well. Our week by week pregnancy guide is also divided in the three basic pregnancy stages: the first, second and third trimester.  

Our pregnancy week by week guide details everything that is happening with your body and that of the little baby growing inside your womb: from pregnancy symptoms to antenatal visits, including, of course, the foetus’  development: Would you like to know in which exact moment are you building your baby’s ears? Or when he’s going to greet you with his little kicks? Read up our pregnancy week by week articles then!


Pregnancy week by week guide: The first trimester of pregnancy

Having a baby is one of the most magical times of a woman’s life. Whether you are a first time future mummy or you are an expert in the matter, your first trimester of pregnancy is going to be full of excitement but also full of uncertainty. You may have been longing for the baby for a while or been caught unaware by a surprise baby bump; either way, you’re going to be suffering from morning sickness and worrying about the development of your future baby.  This is why we want to give you a hand with our pregnancy week by week guide.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, you’re going to be dealing with sore breasts, fatigue, frequent urination, morning sickness, pregnancy cravings, and sometimes even bleeding. However, everything will pay off: you will experience fecundation, and your baby will develop all the basics!

This is a summary of what you can expect from our pregnancy week by week guide:

  • 1 week pregnant: Well, technically, you’re not pregnant yet, since fertilisation hasn’t taken place. But it’s as good a time as any to start adopting some healthy habits and quit the bad ones, such as smoking and drinking.

  • 2 weeks pregnant: Your body is preparing for ovulation! Technically, you are still not pregnant, but still, quit bad habits of you haven’t done it yet.

  • 3 weeks pregnant: Fertilisation has finally taken place! The fertilised egg is nesting in your uterus and dividing in the process: this little bunch of cells will soon become your baby.

  • 4 weeks pregnantPregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue and moodiness may hit you at this point. If you’re still not sure that you’re pregnant, this is a good time to take a test!

  • 5 weeks pregnant: Your hormones are off the charts, so if you’ve been lucky and haven’t had any symptoms yet, your luck will probably be over by now. Your future baby is the size of a tadpole now, although he still doesn’t look much like a baby!

  • 6 weeks pregnant: Your baby already has a heart, an oversized head and two little black dots that will soon become his eyes. Isn’t it exciting? Make sure to contact your midwife or doctor for a first meeting.

  • 7 weeks pregnant: Your baby’s arms and legs are starting to sprout – maybe even some fingers! Since he’s growing, it makes sense that you’re putting on some weight as well, doesn’t it?

  • 8 weeks pregnant: From 8 to 12 weeks, it’s time for your first midwife appointment or booking appointment, so be prepared for some tests and a screening.

  • 9 weeks pregnant: Your baby (still called embryo) already has his entire framework laid down, even if it isn’t fully formed.

  • 10 weeks pregnant: You are officially housing a foetus in your uterus now! He has now everything he needs – even his teeth are beginning to form underneath the gums.

  • 11 weeks pregnant: You may start to feel bloated and even to experience some heartburn. Your baby is growing, and your uterus is beginning to move up your body.

  • 12 weeks pregnant: You baby’s vocal chords are forming, and building up for your future baby’s cries, coos, and first words!

  • 13 weeks pregnant: The end of the first trimester is a breeze for some women, since the annoying symptoms are beginning to go away and the second trimester symptoms are still a bit timid. Enjoy it!


Pregnancy week by week guide: The second trimester of pregnancy

During the second trimester of pregnancy, some of the symptoms that drove you crazy during the first one, such as morning sickness and fatigue, will be fading away. However, they will be making space for some new ones, such as backache or heartburn, as you will see when reading CaptainMums’ pregnancy week by week guide.

You will see how your body changes: you have a noticeable baby bump that will keep growing, as your baby grows too: in this stage, the foetus is going to be gaining weight in quite a fast pace.

This is an exciting time: you will find out the sex of your baby! You will also discover yourself daydreaming about the future with your child, and you can make some of those dreams real by decorating the nursery or getting all the baby stuff you’re going to need.

Uncertainty and worries will still be there, but you can try to get some security by reading our pregnancy week by week articles for the second trimester of pregnancy:

  • 14 weeks pregnant: Your baby can smile and frown! And you are feeling much better from fatigue, morning sickness and sore breasts. This is also when you should have the dating scan that will determine your due date, if you haven’t yet.

  • 15 weeks pregnant: Your baby can swallow now, and he’s practising by tasting the amniotic fluid. You must be thrilled to see the beginning of your baby bump. Pregnancy is starting to show!

  • 16 weeks pregnant: Your little one is the size of an avocado, and he’s going to start growing at a faster pace. This means you’re going to start gaining more weight as well.

  • 17 weeks pregnant: There is no way you can hide your baby bump at this point. The foetus is quite busy too, since he’s replacing his cartilage structure by bones.

  • 18 weeks pregnant: You’re in the middle of the second semester of your pregnancy, so typical symptoms such as headaches or heartburn may be making an appearance. You should get your anomaly scan soon, an important test that will take an in-depth look at the state of your baby and could also determine the gender.

  • 19 weeks pregnant: Your baby weighs about half a pound now! This is one of the last chances to get the triple and quadruple blood test, that will value the risk of your baby suffering from Down Syndrome.

  • 20 weeks pregnant: You’re half way there, and it’s the last chance for the anomaly scan! If you waited until now, you will probably find out if you’re expecting a little boy or a little girl.

  • 21 weeks pregnant: This is a good time to start looking for some information about antenatal classes. You can surely get it from your midwife or doctor.

  • 22 weeks pregnant: At this point, your baby can perceive the sounds outside your womb and can also interpret basic emotions, so talk to him! He may even respond with a little kick.

  • 23 weeks pregnant: Your baby’s skin is filling out and his hand and feet are more defined. You may even spot them from outside your belly if you pay attention when he greets you with his cute kicks!

  • 24 weeks pregnant: While your baby is defining his facial features, you may be experiencing some unpleasant symptoms, like red and itchy palms or blurry vision.

  • 25 weeks pregnant: You are getting big, some symptoms such as constipation or restless leg syndrome. If you’re going to be a first time mummy, you will have another appointment with your doctor or midwife this week.

  • 26 weeks pregnant: Are you familiar with ‘pregnancy brain? You are probably more absent-minded and forgetful than usually.

  • 27 weeks pregnant: Your baby may be hiccuping, and you're probably noticing all the activity! Don't worry, though: it's not uncommon.  


Pregnancy week by week guide: The third trimester of pregnancy

At this point, you’ve managed to survive most of your pregnancy. However, in the third trimester of pregnancy you’re going to be dealing with the most uncomfortable stage! Your baby bump is quite big, and you will have trouble finding comfortable positions to lie down. Even sitting can be a problem if you’re suffering from haemorrhoids, a quite common symptom of advanced pregnancy. 

But everything is going to pay off soon, future mummy! In a few weeks, you’re going to be able to hold your baby in your arms, and every little problem of your pregnancy will be very far away. You are going to become a mum and start the most exciting and enriching part of your life. In the third trimester, you will have to start to pay attention to the signs of labour as well. 

In the meantime, you can sit down and prepare for the future by reading CaptainMums’ pregnancy week by week guide:

  • 28 weeks pregnant: You’re in the third trimester, so this is about to get quite uncomfortable. A shooting pain from your back to your feet, called leg cramps, may pay you a visit soon if you managed to avoid it during the second trimester.

  • 29 weeks pregnant: Since your baby is kicking quite a lot, it’s a good time to start doing a daily kick count to check if your little one’s fine.

  • 30 weeks pregnant: At this point, your baby’s body has caught up with his head’s size, so he has normal baby proportions.

  • 31 weeks pregnant: Your baby is wiggling a lot inside your uterus; he can turn his head from one side to the other and also pedal! His senses are fully developed, even if it’s not easy to put them into practise in the tight space he lives in. If this is your first baby, you will be having an appointment with your midwife or doctor this week.

  • 32 weeks pregnant: Your baby seems to be having a lot of fun in there, but you’re not at the same point. He’s pretty big now, and he may be pressuring in some uncomfortable places, like your bladder or your diaphragm.

  • 33 weeks pregnant: Have you done the checklist of all the baby essentials you will need? If you haven’t, then you should! Prepare the nursery and the rest of baby stuff, since birth is getting closer and you’re getting bigger! It’s not going to get easier or more comfortable as weeks go by, so it’s better to get it done. 

  • 34 weeks pregnant: Your baby has had some sleep cycles for a while, but now he’s opening his eyes when awake and closing them when asleep. Isn’t that cute? Also, you will have an important appointment with your doctor or midwife this week, where you will discuss birth options and the possibility of a C-section.

  • 35 weeks pregnant: Frequent urination is back! For different reasons as in the first trimester though: your baby is so big now that puts pressure in your bladder, so you need to go to the toilet quite a lot of times.

  • 36 weeks pregnant: Time to get your hospital bag ready and in the car in case the baby comes earlier than expected. Don’t worry though, since there’s no reason for this to happen. But you can’t go wrong being cautious!

  • 37 weeks pregnant: You may notice that your body is getting ready for what’s soon coming: pelvic pain is not uncommon in this stage, and your nipples may be changing, preparing for breastfeeding.

  • 38 weeks pregnant: If you haven’t had them yet, you’re probably feeling Braxton Hicks contractions. Many women confuse them with labour.

  • 39 weeks pregnant: The bun is almost completely cooked! Your baby is almost ready to be welcomed into the world.

  • 40 weeks pregnant: Your baby is ready to be born, and he could do so any minute now! He’s quite tight in there, but make sure you can still feel it, because he’s going to keep moving as much as he can.

  • 41 weeks pregnant: You are overdue, so your doctor may start talking about induced labour, as you are growing impatient. The choice is still yours!

  • 42 weeks pregnant: Still no baby! Don’t worry though: now, finally, the wait is almost over.


And that’s it; you’ve done it! It’s been a long, hard, experience, but it has been for sure the most rewarding: you are now a mother and your task now is raising the baby you created. If you liked our pregnancy week by week guide, go on and read about your baby’s development in CaptainMums’ baby milestones collection of articles!


Need help? Ask other mummies in CaptainMums' forum!


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