pregnancy symptoms week by week

Pregnancy is a time with both goods and “bads”, the “bads” being, mainly all the pregnancy symptoms, week by week making an appearance to spoil all the happiness!

Of course, pregnancy has other disadvantages too, besides the symptoms: all the worries and the logistic adjustments, which can sometimes be overwhelming… But that would be much easier to deal with if our body wasn’t putting more obstacles in the way! 

There are many different pregnancy guides that can be made: for the development of the baby, for the must-dos and mustn’t-dos, for all the antenatal appointments and classes… And of course, for the pregnancy symptoms, week by week! We’ve prepared a detailed compilation of all the weeks of pregnancy and symptoms you’re most likely to be feeling in them.

So let’s cut to the chase and start taking a look at all the pregnancy symptoms week by week. Don’t forget to take notes!


Pregnancy symptoms week by week: The first trimester

The first trimester is known for having the worst of morning sickness, mood swings, aversions and many other uncomfortable side effects that are new and sometimes relentless for the poor mummy-to-be. Together with the excitement of learning that you’re expecting a baby, you will be –and sorry for the cliché- in a rollercoaster of emotions and discomforts. Don’t worry, though! Week after week, things will change and probably improve – or at least you will get used to it, and learn techniques to deal with all the bothers and pains!

Let’s take a look at the first trimester pregnancy symptoms week by week:

  • 1 week pregnant: As you probably know, at week 1 you’re technically not pregnant yet, but doctors count the first day of the menstrual cycle as the first day of pregnancy. You’ll have no symptoms or, if you have them, such as sore breasts or bloating, they’re probably due to you being on your period, since conception still hasn’t taken place.

  • 2 weeks pregnant: Your body is preparing for ovulation, which takes place around day 14 of your menstrual cycle if you’re regular, so technically, no symptoms yet either!

  • 3 weeks pregnant: Ovulation has finally taken place! You could experience implantation bleeding, which is some light spotting that may happen once the fertilised egg implants in the uterus.

  • 4 weeks pregnant: At this point, you may start feeling some of the typical first trimester symptoms, such as frequent urination, morning sickness, sore breasts, tiredness, moodiness and even food and smell aversions – or just a heightened sense of smell. You could also have some light spotting.

  • 5 weeks pregnant: Not all women suffer from symptoms in week 4, but few are the lucky ones who don’t start experiencing them at this point! Besides the symptoms mentioned in week 4, you could add drooling, although that one isn’t all that common.

  • 6 weeks pregnant: If it didn’t happen already in week 5, this is the week where you may suffer the symptoms explosion. Some of them will make you suffer more, like frequent urination – the growing uterus pushes the bladder, and the poor future mum ends up having to do too many trips to the bathroom!

  • 7 weeks pregnant: Good news here is that there are no new symptoms… but the bad one is that all the ones you’re suffering from will not go away yet. Besides them being sore, you may also feel how your breasts are growing little by little.

  • 8 weeks pregnant: It’s not exactly one of the pregnancy symptoms, week by week, but usually, hunger makes an appearance here, which may contribute to some extra bloating. You’ll also have some more vaginal discharge.

  • 9 weeks pregnant: Same old, same old! At least you’re used to them at this point – as much as you can be, at least! Some may start experiencing heartburn, although it’s a symptom that becomes common later on in your pregnancy.

  • 10 weeks pregnant: You are now gaining weight and your abdomen is getting more rounded and with more visible veins.

  • 11 weeks pregnant: Good news in your pregnancy symptoms week by week! Morning sickness may start to timidly back down. Of course, not everything will be good: you may feel gassy or constipated, and also some heartburn.

  • 12 weeks pregnant: Frequent urination isn’t so frequent anymore, but you may start suffering from dizziness, headaches and changes in your sex drive.

  • 13 weeks pregnant: The baby bump may start to show! Changes in your sex drive, dizziness and the excess of vaginal discharge will continue to be part of your pregnancy symptoms week by week, unfortunately.


Pregnancy symptoms week by week: The second trimester 

Fortunately, the second trimester is a relief for many future mummies, not because they are suddenly free of side effects, but because some of the most annoying first trimester pregnancy symptoms, week by week, phase out or disappear. Besides this, the woman’s body in the second trimester hasn’t yet suffered the great changes it will in the third trimester: the baby bump is still easy to carry, and thus symptoms like back pain and difficulty to sleep won’t make an appearance just yet. 

Of course, there are exceptions: every pregnancy is different and as there are some unlucky ladies who feel morning sickness all day long, there are some others who start suffering from insomnia very early in their pregnancies. Let’s take a look at all the pregnancy symptoms by week in the second trimester:

  • 14 weeks pregnant: You may have some abdominal pain, but you’ll also feel more energetic. Besides, weight gain will start to increase steadily.

  • 15 weeks pregnant: It’s possible that the pregnancy symptoms week by week you experienced in the first trimester are gone, but you may experience swollen gums and a bleeding nose.

  • 16 weeks pregnant: Expect shinier, thicker hair and healthier skin… as well as constipation and extra vaginal discharge.

  • 17 weeks pregnant: The infamous pregnancy hormones may make you snore!

  • 18 weeks pregnant: The baby bump is getting bigger, and that may come with some back pains. You may also suffer from heartburn, headaches or dizziness.

  • 19 weeks pregnant: Be careful! At this point, you’re more susceptible to yeast infections, and you may start having leg cramps and swollen feet. Besides, it’s not uncommon at this stage to get some dark spots called chloasma.

  • 20 weeks pregnant: Nothing new this week, your usual hunger, leg cramps and heartburn.

  • 21 weeks pregnant: Pregnancy symptoms week by week won’t give you a break! At this point, you may get acne due to the constant hormonal changes, varicose veins and spider veins.

  • 22 weeks pregnant: If you were free from the giant feet until now, this may be the week when you finally feel your shoes stretching. Besides, you won’t be free from leg cramps, heartburn or constipation, and the first stretch marks may make an appearance.

  • 23 weeks pregnant: Say hello to fluid retention, more hunger attacks and lots of foetal activity – although you probably felt the first baby kicks in the previous weeks. Besides, you may be more forgetful than usual: that is called pregnancy brain.

  • 24 weeks pregnant: You may suffer from carpal tunnel symptom, a tingling sensation in your toes and fingers caused by the pressure the uterus puts in your arteries. Besides, your belly button may pop out due to the growing baby bump.

  • 25 weeks pregnant: Besides the previous pregnancy symptoms, week by week coming to haunt you, you may suffer from pelvic pain, constipation… and the terrible haemorrhoids.

  • 26 weeks pregnant: You’ll have more dark spots in your skin, some more pregnancy brain and extra clumsiness, due to the big changes your body is suffering. Besides, something as necessary and wonderful as sleeping may start to be difficult! At least, your hair will be as beautiful as ever.

  • 27 weeks pregnant: By the end of the second trimester, you may still be dizzy sometimes, suffer from swollen or bleeding gums and have some nasal congestion. Of course, the leg cramps and swelling of the extremities won’t go away just yet.


Pregnancy symptoms week by week: The third trimester

Finally, the last trimester of pregnancy! Unlike the second, this won’t be an easy one: your baby bump will start to get bigger and bigger, and, of course, you’ll feel more uncomfortable. You will also face other challenges that, even if not exactly pregnancy symptoms, week by week will make your anxiety increase. These include childbirth being close and, with it, the real deal: being a mum!

Let’s take a look at the third trimester pregnancy symptoms week by week:

  • 28 weeks pregnant: You may suffer from some Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), a disorder of the nervous system that will make you move your legs and will interfere –even more!- with your sleep. You may also suffer from back pain. 

  • 29 weeks pregnant: Heartburn and constipation will probably get worse at this point.

  • 30 weeks pregnant: Unfortunately, some first trimester pregnancy symptoms, week by week, will start to appear again. You may suffer again from nausea, tiredness and frequent urination. Heartburn may get worse.

  • 31 weeks pregnant: The baby may start to put pressure on your diaphragm, which may make difficult catching your breath sometimes. Besides, you may start feeling Braxton Hicks contractions.

  • 32 weeks pregnant: You may suffer from more Braxton Hicks contractions, lower back pain and shortness of breath.

  • 33 weeks pregnant: Are you tired and grumpy? It’s understandable! You’ll suffer from heartburn, back pain, insomnia, etc.

  • 34 weeks pregnant: At this point, you are familiar with almost all the pregnancy symptoms week by week making you wish even more for the baby to come. Swollen extremities, fatigue, backaches and mood swings will probably be your companions.

  • 35 weeks pregnant: Heartburn, haemorrhoids, fuzzy brain and Braxton Hicks contractions… So nothing new! You’ll be clumsy due to the big baby bump, so be careful!

  • 36 weeks pregnant: The baby’s moving down, so you may breathe easier and feel less heartburn… but some more indigestion.

  • 37 weeks pregnant: At this point, it’s probably a good idea to start paying less attention to the pregnancy symptoms week by week and start looking for signs of labour… just in case! Still, you may feel pelvic pain, since the baby is probably moving down already.

  • 38 weeks pregnant: Your breasts may be leaking some colostrum, and you may be suffering from loose bowel movements and even more frequent urination. It’s also common for future mummies to have energy ups and downs.

  • 39 weeks pregnant: You’re almost there, so the fatigue, the nausea and the pelvic pain could get even worse. You could also feel shooting pains down your legs due to the baby putting pressure and pinching your nerves.

  • 40 weeks pregnant: Be aware of the first contractions and other early signs of labour, since you may go into labour soon!

  • 41 weeks pregnant: Of course, nothing new under the sun… Back pain, difficulty to sleep and pains and indigestion.

  • 42 weeks pregnant: At this point, you’re probably so exhausted and uncomfortable that pretty much everything aches. Don’t worry, it’ll soon be over and you’ll be the proud mummy of a beautiful baby!


With this guide of your pregnancy symptoms week by week you’ll be free of surprises, at least regarding all pregnancy pains and aches! Don’t forget that every pregnancy is different, and that the moment when each of the symptoms appears can change – that if they appear at all! Not all future mums experience all of them, and there are also other unusual pregnancy symptoms that may knock at your door as well. 

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