nursery ideas

Decorating your baby's room is one of the most exciting activities when planning for your munchkin's arrival, so you may want to soak up as many nursery ideas as possible.

What should I start with? What are the baby essentials? What can I do to get everything he or she's going to need without ending up broke?

Working on your future baby's nursery can be a little stressful if you don't make up your mind about both the big picture and the details. That's why we want to provide you with many baby room ideas, since every bit of help is useful.


Nursery ideas: When should I start? 

There's not a specific time to put the nursery together. You can do it whenever it feels the most convenient according to your situation. However, expectant mums usually take advantage of the second trimester, as this is the stage in which they are more up to it. Why? Because most of the pregnancy symptoms that tear you down during the first trimester are gone and, also, your growing baby bump still allows you to be pretty active.


Nursery ideas: Let's play it safe 

One of the most important aspects to consider when setting up your baby's room is safety. Don't forget that you are in a delicate state, so you have to adopt preventive measures to avoid accidents while doing stuff in the nursery. Obviously, these safety actions have to be aimed at keeping your baby from any danger as well. Here's some advice regarding it: 

  • Don't climb up ladders, since you could lose balance, fall and hurt yourself and the growing foetus.
  • Keep the nursery fume-free by painting it, at least, three months before the baby comes into the world.
  • Use non-toxic paint, with volatile organic compounds (VOC). You can look for it on the tin.
  • If you buy a rug to decorate the room, make sure that its edges stick to the floor firmly. Flexes could make you trip!
  • Get a room thermometer, so you can check and adapt the nursery temperature to the baby. Experts recommend keeping it between 16 and 20º. You can read more about it in our article dedicated to the ideal baby room temperature.
  • When picking a cot, measure the distance between the side rails. They shouldn't be bigger than 8 cm, to prevent your baby's head from getting stuck in between.


Nursery ideas: Keeping your baby in mind 

When you think up nursery ideas for decorating, remember that the whole point is to make it suitable and functional for your child, more than anything else. But, of course, adding a personal touch to make it charming is a plus. Before you start putting things in the baby's room, keep in mind the following tips:

  • The space matters: designing a layout of the room, measuring the space and considering what to put and where is a 'win-win' that will keep you from future problems. Don’t forget about this when writing down your nursery ideas!

  • Choose a colour... and a theme: though this is optional, it's better to use clear and calming colours to make the nursery more welcoming. Lavender, pale grey and cool blue are meant to create a relaxing environment. Also, you can decide on a theme for the room to make it even more inviting.

  • Don't forget about the ceiling: your little one will spend a lot of time staring at the ceiling while lying on the cot, so one of the best nursery ideas is to incorporate elements that add some dynamism to it. For example, if you pick a solar system-theme, put stars all over it!

  • Get a cot mobile: if you don't want to work on the ceiling, you can just get a colourful and soothing mobile that attaches to the cot. Babies find them very stimulating.

  • Consider the light: bear in mind how much light gets in the room and what atmosphere results from it. For instance, it's good to have a blackout blind to block the light when it's baby sleep time.

  • Place a rocking chair: you'll spend a lot of time in the nursery, so you might as well do it comfortably! Having a rocking chair in it can make late night time with your baby easier to deal with. Not all the nursery ideas need to be for the baby!


Nursery ideas: Saving money

As said at the beginning of the article, you don't necessarily have to spend huge sums of money to carry out your baby room ideas. You can take advantage of the stuff you already have at home and adapt it in creative ways. If some relatives of yours offer you items that they won't use anymore, you can borrow them. Do you need more tips? Well, why don't you try using self-stick wall borders, which are cheap and easy to replace?

When planning a room, do it in the long run. Your baby will grow very fast and, before you know it, some of the things you got will become useless. In order to avoid redecorating every few months, consider the stuff he may need beyond his newborn days and keep it ready for when the moment arrives.


There are many nursery ideas that you can use to personalise your baby's room, but in the end, deciding which ones are worth investing in is up to you and Dad. Hopefully, though, we've helped you clear some of the doubts you could have about it.