most popular baby names

Learning which are the most popular baby names is very useful when you are expecting a child yourself.

You may want to avoid them… Or you may want to be fashionable and follow the latest trends – anything is fine! There are always cool baby names among the most popular baby names, whatever the year, so even if you were thinking about other themes to name your little one, such as your family’s heritage, giving a chance to these ones can’t hurt!


The most popular baby names: Yes or no?

As you must already know, every year there are lists and statistics about the most popular baby names, that is, those who were used the most times during that year. Classic names such as Harry can always be found in all the lists, and others gain in popularity due to them being chosen by popular people. For instance, George has been climbing up in the latest lists, probably due to its royal status: it was the chosen one for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s little prince!  We’ll soon see if the same thing happens with Charlotte, the name chosen for the little princess. 

Nonetheless, a name doesn’t have to be given to a royal prince for it to instantly become one of the cool baby names. While they may not make it to the top, the names of some of the characters of the Game of Thrones TV series have also experienced a noticeable raise in the last few years – schools are going to be full of Aryas and Tyrions in no time!

And now that we mentioned school, it’s a good time to point out some of the disadvantages that come with picking among the most popular baby names. For instance, your little one could be in class with more kids with the same name, which can be confusing and it could lead to him being called by his or her surname or a nickname. Some people are fine with this, but if you are not, think twice before choosing the most popular baby names!

However, this may seem like a silly reason if you really do like some of those names – after all, they are popular for a reason! Among these cool names there are classic or traditional ones, and some less classic ones that sound equally beautiful. If you like one of them and it sounds right to you, you may not care that it is widely used!