maternity bras

As a future mum, you may end up struggling more than you expected to pick the right maternity bras.

Getting a bigger cleavage may or may not cheer you up, but there's is something that you won't enjoy for sure: wearing the wrong or a small type of bra to support your sore breasts, which is a common pregnancy symptom. Thus, this is not about keeping it classy, but looking for comfort. No matter how 'small' you were before, you'll need to adapt to such a curvy change, and the same rule applies to those women with large breasts, who may suffer from backache if they don't take action.

Do you need guidance on maternity underwear, especially to host your growing bosom? Here you'll find the best tips to pick perfect maternity bras.


Maternity bras: Curves ahead!

First and foremost, keep in mind that your cleavage will be changing throughout your pregnancy, though you may not feel it for real until you are in the fourth month. Considering that, this is how you should deal with bras in the different stages of pregnancy: 

  • 1-3 months pregnant: as pointed out above, you should be fine during the first trimester of your pregnancy. You'll probably notice your breasts swollen, but not enough to change much in size, so your regular bras should still work.

  • 4-6 months pregnant: coinciding with the arrival of the second trimester, there will be a breaking point when it comes to your bust's measurements. Though you won't need maternity bras yet, you will have to buy some bigger cups. Don't forget that such a size will be temporary, therefore don't waste money on fancy ones, because you won't use them much.

  • 7-9 months pregnant: now it's finally time to go get maternity bras, which aren't nice, fine, but they do provide you with good support for your enlarged breasts. You don't have to stock up on them; instead, buy a couple, see if they fit well and wear them in turns.


Maternity bras: Don't 'beat your breast'

If you let your 'refurbished' bosom catch you unprepared, you may have a bad time. Not wearing the appropriate bra can cause pain, tightness, irritation of the breast tissue or the nipples and even infections. Complaining about it won't help, so let's prevent it by following these steps:

  1. Get professionally measured: check out if some retail stores in your area are willing to offer you this service for free. A lot of mums do it and it helps indeed, since the measuring assistant can keep control over your breast growth throughout your pregnancy and help you find the best fit.

  2. Invest in cotton: The size matters, but so does the fabric. Pick organic cotton bras, which are soft and comfortable, and they are usually suitable for sensitive nipples and skin.

  3. Let them 'breathe': Make sure that your maternity bras allow your breasts to 'breathe', preventing them from getting too sweaty. To do so, pick some with stretchy fabrics.

  4. Avoid underwires: stay away from underwire bras, because they are trouble for most women during pregnancy. Not only are they usually uncomfortable, but they can also keep breast tissue from growing all the way, according to experts.

  5. Mind the straps: getting maternity bras with wide straps is a good piece of advice, as they allow for extra support and aren't that hard on your shoulders. Don't wear them too tight!

  6. A sports bra, a backup plan: if you exercise regularly, you must already know that sports bras are heavenly comfortable. They can be a good option during bedtime, and also a legit alternative when you run out of clean maternity bras.

As you reach the end of your pregnancy, don't coast and start planning for nursing bras in case you want to breastfeed your child. You should get measured a few days before your due date, because around this time, breasts grow daily due to milk production.


Picking perfect maternity bras will help you ease discomfort, and it will also allow you to follow your routine moving freely and without distress. It doesn't matter if they don't enhance your figure, they just have to feel right. In just a few months, when you are back to your normal cup, you'll be able to go shopping for some cute bras again!