indian names

Have you ever paid any mind to Indian names? You probably have, so we’re telling you nothing new when stating how beautiful they are.

In the United Kingdom, we have a big Indian community, so we’ve been able to enjoy plenty about their culture and traditions, as well as the wonders of their cuisine… and their Indian baby names! 

But India is a huge and densely populated country where several cultures and languages coexist. So, when we talk about Indian names, what do we mean exactly?


Indian names or Hindi names? 

Yes, you guessed right. Indian names are not the same as Hindi names – although Indian names are sometimes Hindi names and Hindi names are many times Indian names. Well, we may just be confusing you here. Let’s clear it up!

As we said before, there are several cultures and languages that coexist in India. The first type of baby names you may think so are those in Hindi language, that is, Hindi names. However, there are many more, as there are many cultures and languages throughout the country. Let’s take a look at all the options:

  • Northern Indian baby names: these include Kashmiri, Punjabi and Sikh names, among others.
  • East Indian baby names: these include Odia names, Assamese names, Bengali names and the already discussed Hindi names.
  • Western Indian baby names: Gujarati, Marathi and Konkani names.
  • Southern Indian baby names: Telugu, Tamil and Kerala names.


A few more facts about Indian names

Now that we’ve cleared up what we mean exactly when saying Indian names, there are some interesting facts about them that you may like to know. The first one is related to what we just told you: due to the many naming cultures available, there are many different naming styles, which is sometimes confusing even for the Indian population. For instance, for some Indian people, their birth name and their official name is not the same! In other cultures, like part of the Tamils, the family name doesn’t exist.

Of course, Indian names are written in the Sanskrit/Devanagari alphabet (but don’t worry, they can be adapted to the Latin alphabet and all the names in our selection will already be so, just like we did with our selection of Russian names). Another interesting fact is that some babies are given up to three names as part of apprenticeship, for religious reasons! And finally, are you familiar with the Sikhs? Well all the followers of the Sikh religion share a last name: men’s is Singh, that means “lion”, and women’s is Kaur, that has a different meaning: “princess”. This was instated with the aim of ending people’s categorisation in status according to their occupation or their caste.


Now that you have lots of information about Indian names, you’re probably looking forward to see a few of them and learn what they mean. Well, you’re in luck, because we at CaptainMums have prepared, as usual, our top 20 selections of Indian names for girls and for boys. Enjoy!