indian girls names

Indian girls names can be a great choice for your baby girl, not only because of their meanings, but because of their unique and precious sonority.

If you’ve read our article about Indian names, you will know that not all of them are Hindi names. In fact, Indian names can come from the variety of languages that are found in India, like Tamil, Kashmiri or Punjabi.

As usual, we have prepared our selection of Indian names for girls for you to get some ideas, but remember that if you like these but none sounds completely perfect for your baby girl, there are many more. Let’s take a look at our selection!


1. Abilasha

Also spelled Abhilasha, this beautiful name is one of the Hindi Indian girls names, and it comes originally from Sanskrit. It means “desire”, “wish” and “aspiration”.


2. Amita

This beautiful name, also of a Sanskrit origin, is the feminine version of one of the Indian boys names, Amit. It means “infinite” or “immeasurable”.


3. Avanti

Avanti is one of the most beautiful Indian girls names, and it is actually a place name: it was the name of one of the ancient kingdoms of India, situated in the centre of the country. Fun fact: Avanti means enter or go forward in Italian.


4. Bitta

Bitta is one of the Indian names for girls with a Sikh and Punjabi origin. It means “honest” or “helpful”.


5. Chetna

This beautiful name is of Tamil origin and it is one of the examples of Indian girl name with an interesting and powerful meaning: it means “consciousness”, “alert” or “the power of intellect”.


6. Eenakshi

Baby names that refer to nature are common in all languages and cultures, and Indian names are no exception. Eenakshi is a name of Bengali origin that means “who has eyes that look like a deer’s”. 


7. Gopi

The fact that cows are a sacred animal in India is probably not news to you. Gopi, a Sikh and Punjabi name, is related to cows and their sacredness and has several meanings, all related to, of course, cows! Some of these meanings are “woman who loves cows”, “protector of cows”, “milkmaid friends of Krishna” or “cow-herd woman”! Yes, it may sound funny, but if we consider that cows are sacred, bearing this name is a real honour.


8. Harita

This beautiful name of Tamil origin is closely related to nature. It means “green”, “beautiful”, “nature’s friend” or “nature’s beloved”.


9. Ishnoor

This beautiful name, of Sikh and Punjabi origin, means “light of God”.


10. Kavya

Indian girls names have sometimes surprising meanings, and Kavya is an example of this. This beautiful Bengali name means “sweet” and “beautiful”, but also means “poem”, “poetry” and even “poetry in motion”.


11. Lakshya

Lakshya is one of the unisex Indian girls names, which means that it can also serve as one of the Indian boys names. It is of Sikh origin and means “aim”, “destination”, or “that who has a specific goal”.


12. Lolita

You may be surprised to see Lolita as one of the Indian girls names, since it will immediately remind you of Vladimir Nabokov’s novel, but, besides being a diminutive of the Spanish name Dolores (in fact, a diminutive of the diminutive Lola), it s also one of the Assamese Indian girls names. It means “ruby”.


13. Meha

Meha is an Assamese name for girls with several different meanings, some of them related to nature, like “gazelle”, “wild cow”. Other meanings include “shining”, “resembling to the moon” or “large eyes”.


14. Ojeeta

Ojetta is yet another Bengali name, that is, one of the East Indian girls names. It means “born in the Month of Falgun”, which is the eleventh month in the Bengali and Nepali calendar. Do you know the famous Holi, festival of colour? Well, it’s called Fagu and it takes place the first day of Falgun.


15. Rani

This beautiful name of Tamil origin means “queen”.


16. Saee

Saee is one of our favourite Indian girls names. It is of Assamese origin and it means “flower”, “memory” or “female friend”.


17. Sarit

And Sarit is probably our other favourite in this Indian girls names list! It is of Bengali origin and it means “river” and “princess”.


18. Udita

This beautiful name is of Bengali origin and means “one who has risen”.


19. Vimi

Vimi is one of the cutest Indian girls names, and it means just that: “cute”! It also means “smart” and “wonder”. It is one of the names of Tamil origin.


20. Zatinga

This beautiful name of Assamese origin is also one of the Indian girls names related to nature: it means “river”.


So, what did you think of these Indian girls names? As you can see, these aren’t just Hindi names, since we decided to give you a taste of some names from the different Indian cultures. If this isn’t what you were looking for, check out the Hindi girls names. There are also many other baby names by origin, and you can also check our general baby names series, where you will find many other themes. You will find many ideas there, like the most popular baby names or unusual baby names.