hindi boy names

Have you ever considered Hindi boy names for your little one? Some of the best traits of Hinduism are translated into names.

Hinduism, the main religion in India, has been gaining sympathisers thanks to the increasing popularity of practices such as yoga or meditation. However, Hindi names for boys still seem to be in the shadows, which is why we have prepared, as usual, a selection of names.

Check out CaptainMums’ top 20 Hindi boys names:


1. Agni

We start our Hindi boy names list with Agni, a beautiful name that means “fire” in Sanskrit. As you will see as you read our selection, most Hindi names are the names of gods or are related to them, and Agni is no exception to the rule: it was the name of an ancient Hindu god of fire, one that was represented with red skin, three legs, seven arms and two faces. Don’t worry, though, your baby boy won’t be like that even if you decide on Agni as his name!


2. Anil

Anil is one of the most beautiful Hindi boy names in this list. It derives from the Sanskrit word anila, that means “wind” or “air”. Of course, it also has its place in Hinduism, since it’s another name for the god of the wind, Vayu.


3. Baladeva

Baladeva is the older brother of the god Vishnu, and it is the god of strength. The name is formed by the Sanskrit words bala (strength) and deva (god). Another of the names of Baladeva is Balarama.


4. Brahma

If you have big dreams for your baby boy and are a fan of Hindi boy names, Brahma might just be a perfect fit! In Hinduism, Brahma is the god of the universe and of creation, part of the trilogy formed by Vishnu (the god of preservation) and Shiva (the god of destruction). Brahma is usually depicted with four heads and four arms that carry the elements needed for the creation of the universe: a recipient for water, the text of the Vedas (the four most ancient text of Indian culture), a lotus flower and a Japa mala, a string of prayer beads used to measure time. In Sanskrit, Brahma means “prayer”, “universe” and “evolution”.


5. Dilipa

This interesting name comes from the words Dili (Delhi in Sanskrit) and pa (protecting in Sanskrit), and so it means “protector of Delhi”.


6. Ganesh

Ganesh is the modern transcription of the name Ganesha, one of the most important gods of Hinduism. Ganesha is represented as a man with an elephant’s head, and it is the god of wisdom and luck. His parents are Shiva and Parvati. In Sanskrit, Ganesha means “ruler”, but also “lord of hordes”.


7. Hari

Hari is another name given to the gods Vishnu and Krishna, and it means “brown” or “yellow” in Sanskrit. It also means “horse”, “monkey” or “lion”.


8. Indrajit

Indrajit is probably our favourite in this Hindi boy names list. It means “conqueror of Indra”, and it was the name of the king of Sri Lanka in a Hindu legend.


9. Kama

In Hinduism, Kama is the son of Lakshmi and the god of Love, and it is represented with wings. Of course, it has the same meaning in Sanskrit: “love” and “desire”.


10. Manu

Manu is one of the cutest Hindi boy names, but its meaning runs deeper than what you may think! In Sanskrit, it means “wise”, but Manu was also a title held by Svayambhuva and some of his descendants, the fathers of the human race.


11. Narayana

In Hinduism, Narayana is the god of creation. It means “path of man”.


12. Pankaja

Pankaja is one of the most interesting Hindi boy names in this list. It is related to the lotus flower, and it means “born of mud”. Pankaja was one of the names of Brahma.


13. Raghu

Raghu was a hero and a King in many epics of Hinduism. He was the great-grandfather of the hero that carried the name below, Rama.


14. Rama

Many of the names in this selection are names of gods, or of incarnations of gods. The latter is the case of Rama (“pleasing” in Sanskrit), which would be one of the names given to Vishnu. It is also the hero of the famous Hindu epic Ramayana.


15. Ravi

As you probably know if you’ve read other selections of baby names by origin, all naming traditions find inspiration in the stars and in nature. Hindi names are no exception: Ravi means “sun” in Sanskrit, and it is also a god in Hinduism.


16. Sanjaya

This beautiful name means “victorious” and “triumphant” and, as the rest of Hindi boy names, finds its origin in Sanskrit.


17. Sushila

The Sanskrit prefix su, which means “good”, is used in many names and words. In the case of Sushila, it combines with the word shila, which means “conduct” or “behaviour”. Sushila then means “good-tempered” or “well-disposed”. It is also one of the unisex Hindi boy names, so it is also one of the Hindi girl names.


18. Vasu

Many gods in Hinduism carried the name Vasu, which in Sanskrit means “excellent” or “bright”.


19. Vikram

This beautiful name is the modern transcription of one of the traditional Hindi boy names, Vikrama, which is another name of Vishnu, one of the most important gods in Hinduism. It means “valour” or “pace” in Sanskrit.


20. Yama

And we finish our Hindi boy names list with a controversial one, Yama, the name of the Hindu God of death. In Sanskrit, it means “curb” or “reign”.


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