egyptian names for boys

Egyptian names for boys have a lot of culture behind them – in fact, they have a whole civilisation!

If you’re expecting a baby boy, considering some of them may be a wise decision. At least, it can’t hurt to take a look!

For that purpose, we have prepared, as usual, a selection with 20 of our favourites. Maybe one of them will end up being your son’s name!


1. Nassor

We start our list of Egyptian names for boys with Nassor, a beautiful name that means “victor” or “winner”.


2. Ammon

Pronounced AH-mun, Ammon is the Hellenised version of the Egyptian Ymn, that means “the hidden one”. Ammon was a God in Egyptian mythology, that of air, fertility and creativity. Later on, he formed the supreme solar God of Amon-Ra with Ra, the god of the Sun.


3. Ramses

From Egyptian Rmssu, it means “son of Ra”, the god of the Sun. Eleven of the Egyptian kings of the new Kingdom were named Ramses.


4. Mosi

Mosi isn’t just one of the Egyptian names for boys, it is also one of the African boy names, since it is used also in Swahili. It means “first born” or “first child”.


5. Chike

Like Mosi, Chike is one of the African boy names (in the Igbo language) besides being one of the Egyptian names for boys. It means the same in both: “power of God”.


6. Akil

Akil is the masculine variation of one of the Egyptian girl names, Akila. They share the meaning: “intelligent” or “clever”.


7. Anubis

The name Anubis, pronounced a-NOO-bis, is thought to mean “royal child”. However, it is famous because Anubis was a very important god in the mythology of Ancient Egypt, that of the dead. Later on, Anubis lost his power as the leader of the Underworld to Osiris. He was often depicted as a man with the head of a jackal.


8. Bomani

This beautiful name is one of our favourites in this list of Egyptian names for boys. It means “warrior”.


9. Fadil

Besides being one of the Egyptian names for boys, Fadil is also one of the Arabic boys names. It means “generous” or “giving”.


10. Geb

Geb, also spelled Keb, was an Egyptian god of the earth, life and fertility. He was one of the most ancient gods in Egypt, and would hand over the authority over the Earth to Osiris.


11. Hanbal

This beautiful name of Egyptian origin means “pristine”. A great choice for your baby boy!


12. Heh

In Ancient Egypt, Heh was the god of infinity and eternity, and the main meaning of his name is “million”. He was often depicted with the head of a frog or kneeling, and he had no sanctuary or centre for cult: people venerated him with symbolism. It has many variations: Hah, Huh, Huah or Hehu, among others.


13. Kosey

This beautiful name means lion in Egyptian. Remember that the lion was deeply admired in Ancient Egypt as it was considered the greatest hunter in the world, so with this name you would be giving your baby boy a gift.


14. Madu

As one of the Egyptian names for boys, Madu means “of the people” – which makes it, too, one of our favourites!


15. Mensah

As other names in this list, Mensah is used in other places around the African continent other than Egypt. As one of the Egyptian names for boys, it means “third born”.


16. Nefertum

The meaning of Nefertum is not entirely clear: some think it means “beautiful one who closes”, while others state it means “one who doesn’t close”. Also spelled Nefertem, he was an important figure in Egyptian mythology, the god of beauty and healing. The legend says that he raised first as a lotus flower that emerged from the water.


17. Oba

Oba, a name of a beautiful simplicity, means “king”.


18. Ptah

Ptah was the god of Memphis and the god of creation, fertility and the arts. He was the husband of Sekhmet and fathered Nefertum and Imhotep, the wise polymath. He was considered to exist before the rest of things and to have thought the world.


19. Teremun

This beautiful name means “father’s acceptance” or “loved by the father”, and has beautiful, and strong sonority.


20. Umi                 

And we end our list of Egyptian names for boys with Umi, a beautiful and minimalistic name that means “life”.


So, what did you think of these Egyptian names for boys? Of course, there are many other options if you didn’t like them. Check our baby names by origin series of articles or the ones in our baby names series if you are looking for names not related to a particular culture. There you will find other ideas, like celebrity baby names or traditional baby names