egyptian girl names

If you’re looking for a beautiful name with a great meaning for your baby girl, you shouldn’t decide before considering Egyptian girl names.

Egyptian names for girls have lots of qualities, and we can’t forget about the great culture behind them. Ancient Egypt was one of the great civilisations in history, and that reflects in baby names. You can take a look at our article on Egyptian names to find out more about their naming culture, but if names are what you’re here for, here you have CaptainMums’ top selection!


1. Nubia

This beautiful name isn’t used only in Egypt, and its origin isn’t entirely clear. Some state it means “from Nubia”, an ancient kingdom or region in the south of Egypt, whereas others think that it derives from the Egyptian word nbw, that means “gold”.


3. Nefertiti

Pronounced nef-er-TEE-tee, it is one of the ‘must-haves’ in our Egyptian girl names list. It is a statement that means “the beautiful one has come”, and it also has an important place in history. Nefertiti was an Egyptian queen, one of the most powerful, wife (one of them) of the pharaoh Akhenaton.


4. Akila

Also spelled Akilah, this beautiful name means “intelligent” or “clever”. Besides being one of the Egyptian girl names, it is also used in Arabic and Swahili, with a similar meaning: “wise”.


5. Nut

This is a funny one, but its Egyptian meaning is far away from the food it refers to in English. As an Egyptian name, it refers to the mythical goddess of the sky.


6. Sagira

This cute name has also a cute meaning, as it means “little one” or “small”. It can also be spelled Sagirah.


7. Sekhmet

Sekhmet is another one of the Egyptian girl names related to mythology. She was the goddess of fire, war, vengeance… and also medicine! She is portrayed with a lioness’ head. Remember that the lion was the fiercest hunter in Ancient Egypt. Legend says it was Sekhmet’s breath that formed the desert. There is also the variation Sekhet, that means “she who is powerful”.


8. Tale

This short and beautiful name means just “green”. It’s pronounced TAA-leh.


9. Urbi

There are many names for girls that share a meaning with Urbi, but the Egyptian one may just be the cutest! It means “princess”.


10. Anippe

This beautiful name has a striking meaning: “daughter of the Nile”. We all know how important the Nile river was for Ancient Egypt, so a name like this would undoubtedly be a great gift for your baby girl.


11. Siti

This cute name, beautifully minimalistic, means just “lady”. 


12. Jendayi

Pronounced jhehn-dah-yi, it means “thankful” or “to give thanks”. It isn’t just one of the Egyptian girl name, but it is used throughout the African continent. It also has many derivatives, such as Jendaya or Jendayey. Famous namesakes include actress and singer Zendaya, who has the variation in the Shona language of Zimbabwe.


13. Ode

The name Ode is also an interesting one. As one of the Egyptian names for girls, it means “from the road”, but Ode is also a Medieval English form of the Ancient Germanic name Odo (Otto), that is, of course a name for boys.


14. Panya

Panya is another one of the names in this list with more than one origin. In Egyptian, it means “mouse”, but it is also a name used in India, where it means “admired” or “excellent”. 


15. Habibah

Habibah, that is also one of the Arabic girls names, means “loved” or “beloved”. It isn’t used only in Egypt.


16. Khepri

As one of the Egyptian girl names, Khepri has the striking meaning of “morning sun”. However, in Egyptian mythology, Khepri was the god (not goddess) of rebirth, sunrise and the scarab. It was the aspect the god Ra (the god of the Sun) took in the morning, and thus its meaning as a girl’s name.


17. Maat

Maat was the name of yet another Egyptian goddess, the one for truth, justice, law, balance, order, and morality. Its symbol was the feather of an ostrich.


18. Mariah

Mariah is an Egyptian variation of the name Moriah, that means “God is my teacher”.


19. Mesi

No, it has nothing to do with the famous football player. Mesi is an Egyptian name for girls with a beautiful meaning: “water”.


20. Nathifa

This beautiful name is also one of the Arabic girls names. It means “clean” and “pure”.


So, will any of these Egyptian girl names make it into your selection? If you’re having a boy instead of a girl, you also have this article’s counterpart with our selection of Egyptian names for boys. You can also check out other selections in our baby names by origin series of articles, or other themes in our general baby names series of articles. There you will find other ideas, like celebrity baby names or traditional baby names