early signs of pregnancy

Trying to get pregnant can be a stressful process, so a good way of easing up the path is recognising the early signs of pregnancy.

However, it is convenient not to obsess about them, since many of the early pregnancy symptoms are not that different from ovulation symptoms or the signs that your period is paying you a visit soon. Let’s take a detailed look into all of them.


Early signs of pregnancy: Swollen and sore breasts

If you feel that your breasts are bigger than normal, tender and a bit sore, you could be pregnant, since this is one of the very early signs of pregnancy. However, as you probably know, this isn’t only a pregnancy symptom. Many women suffer from sore breasts when they are ovulating, and even during the days they have their period. If that’s your case, pay attention to how long they stay like this, since if their tenderness is due to pregnancy, it's not going to go anywhere any time soon!


Bloated lower abdomen

This is another one of the early signs of pregnancy that can easily be confused with ovulation or a close period, since it’s characteristic of them too. It is a pregnancy symptom because the hormonal changes of pregnancy can also lead to you feeling bloated – it has actually nothing to do with the size of your uterus (if there is a baby, it’s still only a bunch of cells!).


Spotting and cramping

If you’re trying to get pregnant and you see a few drops of blood in your panties, you may feel really disappointed. Well, don’t despair just yet: there is something called implantation bleeding, that is, some spotting that takes place once the fertilised egg has been implanted in your uterus (which happens from 6 to 12 days after fertilisation). This spotting can come with some unpleasant cramping as well, which may also make you think that these symptoms are more period-related. If you’re paying attention to the day count, you’ll see that, considering how many days it takes to the fertilised egg to finally nest in your uterus, the implantation bleeding would happen more or less at the same time your period should come if you’re not pregnant -which is what makes it one of the first signs of pregnancy. Best course of action here, if you’re not late, is waiting for a couple days and taking a pregnancy test then.


Moodiness and fatigue

Getting pregnant comes with a hormone party in your organism, so mood changes are one of the most common early signs of pregnancy. These hormonal changes affect your levels of neurotransmitters and can translate in any kind of emotion, from euphoria to anxiety. So watch out for these early pregnancy signs!

You could also be feeling extremely tired – something experts have not been able to explain yet! It is thought that fatigue during pregnancy is related to the increase levels of progesterone, but there is no medical proof of it.

Both fatigue and mood changes can also be experienced during ovulation or period week.


Early signs of pregnancy: Frequent urination

Finally, one pregnancy symptom that can’t be read as an ovulation symptom too! Frequent urination during the early stages of pregnancy is also due to hormonal changes, that cause more blood flooding through the kidneys, making your bladder fill faster. Later on in pregnancy, the pressure your enlarged uterus will be exerting on your bladder will also cause frequent urination.

Remember that there are other issues that can make you need to pee more often than normal, such as a UTI or diabetes, so make sure to go to the doctor if you are suffering from this symptom and are not pregnant.


Morning sickness

Another of the unmistakable early signs of pregnancy, although it usually hits after a woman is 4 weeks pregnant. However, it can start earlier than that! Morning sickness can come in nausea, vomit, a fainting sensation or all of those combined. And, even if we call it “morning sickness” it doesn’t necessarily come in the mornings! You could feel it at any time of the day, even if it’s more common right after getting up. Have some crackers in your night table to make it better.


Early signs of pregnancy: Food aversions

Is that usually wonderful breakfast egg, cheese & avocado toast disgusting you to your very core? Do you feel like having pickles with your morning tea instead? Congratulations, because this is a pretty unmistakable pregnancy symptom. Some foods or smells that you used to love may now make you gag, and you may crave for others that had no appeal to you before. Same as with progesterone, the oestrogen levels raise quickly when you’re pregnant – which doctors think could cause this ‘food’ swings.


Missed period

One of the early signs of pregnancy –if not the only one- that is better received among future mummies! If your period doesn’t make an appearance when it should, it means you’re ready to run to the pharmacy and take a pregnancy test. It’s not worth to do it before being late, since the test won’t be able to give you a reliable result before that.

Same as with frequent urination, a missed period could be caused by other issues as well, such as extreme weight changes, stress or hormonal problems.


High basal body temperature

If you’re trying to have a baby, you’re probably controlling your basal temperature and keeping track of it. A high basal body temperature is one of the symptoms of pregnancy: If it stays high for 18 consecutive days, you could very well be an expecting future mum.


If getting pregnant is your main goal right now, early signs of pregnancy may be a blessing for you, however unpleasant they might be. Nonetheless, keep in mind that every woman is different, so every pregnancy is different. Not all pregnant ladies experiment the same pregnancy symptoms or suffer them with the same intensity. These listed here are the most common, but you could also be pregnant and not feel any of them – or just the missed period. Don’t stress and take a pregnancy test if you’re late. If you’re pregnant, congratulations! An amazing journey is about to start. And if you’re not, don’t worry and keep trying!


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