baby names

It sounds simple, but picking baby names must be one of the most difficult tasks an expecting mum has to do.

We already gave you a few tips on how to pick baby names in another article, so you are probably not a newbie in this topic. But besides all those useful tips to make sure you pick a good name for your little one and don’t leave him with a problem for life, there’s another trick for picking baby names to make mummy and daddy’s task a little bit easier. Keep reading to find out which one!


Baby names: It’s all about the theme!

Yes, you guessed right: picking a theme is the first step to leave a bunch of names out of sight! Well, actually, it is not the first, since before that you may want to wait to find out about the gender of your baby and thus cut the amount of names in half: you will either concentrate on names for girls, or names for boys!

Let’s consider you already know the gender of your baby. Yes, you can already leave out half the names, but there are still so many baby names out there! Here is when picking a theme can save you from a spiral of name-chaos. The baby-daddy and you can sit down and start brainstorming about what you would like to honour with your little one’s name. Maybe you want something classic – traditional baby names would be a good fit for you then. Or maybe you want something special and unique, so your little one with have a name like no other: unusual baby names are your thing in this case! But there are more possibilities, and there is one very popular timeless trend that may have skipped your mind: have you thought about picking baby names by origin?


Baby names by origin

Your heritage or place of origin is a great theme for picking your baby’s name. Your family will surely be pleased, and you will instil the importance of where you come from to your little one as well: roots are important and they need to be remembered, especially if your family lives somewhere else, apart from the culture, the language or the land where it originated.

Besides, you may be surprised with how many beautiful names were from your culture originally. You may not be aware of it, but names are old! They have gone through lots of cultural transitions and mixtures, so you will have a lot of baby names to choose from, no matter their origin. 

In CaptainMums, we have listed a few of our favourite baby names by origin – divided, of course, in names for girls and names for boys. Read up!