baby names

Discussing baby names is one of the most entertaining tasks when preparing for the baby’s arrival – and one of the most difficult ones, too!

Picking your baby’s name is no anecdote: he will have that name during his whole life, so you guys better pick right!

Your partner and you will probably discuss baby names during several weeks or even months. Many parents find the perfect baby names months before the birth, whereas other prefer to see their baby before picking it. If that’s your case, it’s better to have at least a few baby names you both like ready – choosing a name that works for you both is not always easy, so this is a chore that can’t be left for last!


Baby names: Where to begin?

The first thing you will notice is that… there are thousands and thousands of baby names! “How am I ever going to pick one? Where do I begin?” Well, you have to begin somehow, and a good way to start is discussing with your partner what kind of name you want. Do you want to name your baby after a member of your family? Do you want a unique baby name? Do you want to acknowledge any of your heritages?

If your answer to any of those questions is yes, you can take a look at some of our baby names collections, like our unusual baby names list!

These first questions will also serve to test your partner’s likes and dislikes, and thus discover if you have similar tastes or if the baby names discussion is going to be a long battle. If that’s your case, just remember that your partner is going to be saying that name just as many times as you. Maybe you always wanted to have a little Sophie, but your partner wants to cover his ears and scream whenever he hears that name. Is it really worth it then? What if it was the other way around? Well, picking baby names is very difficult because there are so many of them… But that is an advantage, too! There must be at least one that you both really like! 


Cutting baby names in half: Boys names or girls names?

If you feel overwhelmed with the incredible amount of baby names “in the market”… Cut them in half! Depending of the gender of your baby, you can focus either in girls names or boys names.

Of course, this trick won’t work in the early stages of pregnancy, when you still don’t know if your little one is going to be a hi or a she… But if you’re feeling that choosing from all those thousands of names is too much, waiting until you do is not a bad option.


A few tips to pick baby names

Since we already stated that choosing perfect baby names is no piece of cake, here you have a few of CaptainMums’ Top Tips!


1. Try it out with the surname

Let’s say you already have a few baby names you like. How do they ring with the baby’s surname? Say it all out loud and see if it has melody. It’s generally not recommended, for instance, that the name ends with the same vowel the surname starts. Be careful with the rhymes as well: a name that rhymes with the surname won’t be cute for too long!


2. Look out for the initials!

Be careful with the initials when picking baby names. We can explain it with an example: Guess what would happen if Mrs. and Mr. Smith named their daughter Ann Sophie… It would be very easy for the other kids to make fun of her at school!


3. Try it out with someone close

Discussing baby names with friends and family won’t be very useful: Everybody will have a favourite, or an opinion on your favourites, and it could get a bit overwhelming. However, once you and your partner have a shortlist, maybe you can share it with someone close, that knows you better, and see the reaction!


4. Get used to it

Try saying the name out loud a lot, writing it down, or imagining calling your baby that, and see if it sounds OK. Maybe when you think of little “Thomas” running around in football practice you see that you can’t really picture it, or, on the other hand, it makes perfect sense.


5. Avoid the popular baby names…

You may love the name Daniel to the core, but have you thought of the possibility of your kid having other two Daniels in his class? Would it bother you? Would it bother little Daniel?


6. … but be careful with uniqueness!

It’s fair to want to be unique, but be careful with being too unique. Maybe you think it’s beautiful to name your baby girl Sequoia, but have you thought of the possibility of she hating it? And what if nobody pronounces it right? You little one would have to correct or spell his or her name every time… And we do use our names quite a lot!


7. Google it

Maybe the name + surname pairing your baby will have is already taken. It could be that of a good and respected writer… Or that of a porn star. Once you’ve picked the name, google it and find out.


8. Check the meaning

Maybe you’ve picked a name that sounds incredible, but… Do you know what it means? Names always mean something, and maybe you won’t like the meaning of it. Better check first!


Do you have any other tip for choosing perfect baby names? If you just want to start getting some ideas, you will have a lot of them in CaptainMums, so what are you waiting for? Start checking our collection of exclusive baby names lists!