baby hiccups in the womb

Oops! What was that? Could it be that the baby hiccups in the womb? Well, it may surprise you... But yes!

Fetal hiccups are possible, as weird as it may sound. Feeling how your baby moves is one of the most exciting moments of pregnancy, and feeling how your baby hiccups in the womb is so cute and endearing!

Foetal hiccups feel like a small and rhythmic movement inside the womb, pretty much like a heartbeat, and it tends to happen when the pregnancy is quite advanced - which makes sense, of course, because during the first stages of pregnancy the baby is too small for you to feel it move inside the uterus. ­In fact, since the movements are lighter than a kick or a roll, future mothers tend to feel them more in the third trimester, when the baby is larger. And there is another reason it happens so late in pregnancy: in order to hiccup, the baby needs to have a developed central nervous system.

The hiccups tend to last for quite a while, an hour or even more - still, very much like in the case of adults! And they're more common than you'd think, since the majority of pregnant ladies will feel it at least once in their pregnancy. However, it's possible that you don't recognise it as such. Now that you know that it can happen, you can pay close attention whenever you feel the rhythmic jerks inside your womb!


Why do I feel baby hiccups in the womb?

Foetal hiccups aren't all that different from adult hiccups, really - experts think that it happens due to your little one sipping amniotic fluid all the time, because he's actually swimming on it, so it's no surprise that the amount of liquid he's swallowing ends up causing the hiccups. You must know the mechanics pretty well: a small amount of liquid enters the lungs and then the diaphragm starts contracting in order to expel it. It can sound scary, but it's perfectly normal! Remember that the placenta is providing the baby with all the oxygen he or she needs, so everything will be perfectly fine.


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Your baby's hiccups inside your womb will probably amuse you and your partner quite a lot, and it's a fun story to tell your kid when he or she's older. You can keep track of the hiccups in your pregnancy journal, and try to stablish when it's more likely to happen!


Experts haven't done much research about baby hiccups in the womb, but let's hope we get some more information about such amusing event soon!