arabic boys names

If you want your baby boy to have a unique name, you may be considering Arabic boys names.

Arabic names are usually chosen for their meanings – in fact, many of them are adjectives used in Arabic language! So, besides having a unique sonority and an exotic resonance, Arabic names for boys also have beautiful and symbolic meanings.

Take a look at CaptainMums’ selection of Arabic boys names!


1. Abbas

This beautiful name is the description of a lion. It means “lion”, “stern” or “grim-faced”. It was also the name of one of the Prophet Mohammed’s uncles. Famous namesakes include Irani filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami.


2. Abdul

Abdul is one of the most famous Arabic boys names, and also one of the most used ones! It means “servant” or “servant of”, and it can be used as a single name or as part of a compound name . For instance, Abudl-Ba’ith means “Servant of the Resurrector”, Abdul-Hakim means “Servant of the Wise One”, and so on. As you see, a very flexible name for your little boy!


3. Akram

Akram is one of the many Arabic boys names that mean “generosity”. It derives from the word karam, that means “most generous”, so it is related to Karim.


4. Badri

Badri is one of the Arabic boys names with an unclear meaning. While many think it is a variation of the name Badr, that means “full moon” or “moonlight”, other state that it refers to those who participated in the battle of Badr, a key battle in the beginnings of Islam, and a key point for Prophet Muhammad in his fight against the Quraysh tribe, in Mecca. Both meanings are very different, but not exclusive: Badri may just mean both things!


5. Dhakwan

Its spelling makes Dhakwan unique among the Arabic boys names. It may not be very used, but it has a wonderful meaning: “intelligent”. It is a variant of the name Zakwan, of the same meaning.


6. Faruq

Faruq is one of the most popular Arabic boys names, in any of its spellings, that can vary also according to the countries and languages. It can be spelled Farouk or Faruk, or Farrokh (in Persian) or Farrukh (in Urdu or Uzbek). It has a beautiful meaning as well, since it refers to the “person who can tell right from wrong”. Famous namesakes include the last King of Egypt.


7. Fatih

Fatih is considered to be a Turkish name nowadays, but its origin makes it one of the Arabic boys names as well. It means “conqueror”. Famous namesakes include German director of Turkish descent Fatih Akin.


8. Hamal

Hamal is one of the Arabic boys names in this list that don’t refer to a virtue or a quality of the person who carries the name. In this case, the meaning of Hamal is “lamb”.


9. Hisham

Like Akram or Karim, Hisham also means “generous” – but its origin is one of the most interesting compared to other Arabic boys names. Hisham comes from the word hashama, that means “to crush”, and it is related to gastronomy: it referred to the crushing of the bread in order to share it, which is why it derived in meaning “generous”.


10. Husain

Also spelled Husayn, Hussain or Hussein, this beautiful name is a diminutive of Hasan. Husain was Prophet Muhammad’s grandson (in fact, his older brother’s name was Hasan). He and his family were massacred in what is considered key in the split between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.


11. Idris

Idris is one of the most curious Arabic boys names… because it is also one of the Welsh boys names! In Arabic, it’s the name of a Prophet mentioned in the Quran twice, and it means “to learn” or “to study”. In welsh, it means “lord”. Famous namesakes include actor Idris Elba.


12. Jamal

Jamal is one of the most common Arabic boys names: it is very used in any country where Islam is the main religion. It has a great and simple meaning: “beauty”.


13. Khalid

The name Khalid derives from the Arabic word khalada, that means “to last forever”. It means “eternal”. Khalida, one of the Arabic girls names, is its feminine variation.


14. Mahmud

Mahmud is a variation of the super famous name Muhammad, and it means “the praised one” or “worthy of reverence”. Famous namesakes include Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian National Authority. It also has a feminine variation, Mahmuda.


15. Muhammad

Of course, Muhammad had to be in our Arabic boys names list! It means “praiseworthy”, but what makes it famous is that it was the name of the Prophet that founded Islam. It has many different spellings, like Mohammed, Mohammad or Muhamed, and it has been widely translated into other languages. 


16. Nadir

This beautiful name means “precious” or “rare”. A great choice for your baby boy! It also has a feminine variation, Nadira.


17. Qusay

Qusay is an Old Arabic name, which is why its origin isn’t entirely clear. It is thought to derive from the word qasi, that means “distant”.


18. Sami

Sami is one of our favourite Arabic boys names precisely because of its beautiful simplicity. It means “sublime”, “supreme” or “elevated”. Fun fact: many Arabic names can be spelled in different ways, and adding or removing an “h” is one of the most common spelling variations. In the case of Sami, though, the name Samih has a completely different meaning: “forgiver”.


19. Tariq

Tariq is the name of the morning star, and it is translated as “he who knocks at the door”. It can also be spelled Tarik or Tarek.


20. Yusuf

Yusuf may come as a surprise, since it is the only Arabic boy name in this list that is inspired in a Western name – Joseph. It is the Arabic version of the name of the Prophet Joseph.


So, what did you think of these Arabic boys names? If you’re not sure you want any of these for your little boy, you can always check for other themes in our baby names series of articles, or for different origins in our baby names by origin articles to get some inspiration.