7 weeks pregnant

The uterus of a 7 weeks pregnant woman is full of hustle and bustle! Day by day, the embryo you are carrying is undergoing multiple thrilling changes, no matter how small it still looks.

For you, this is another week of guessing: will I sleep through the night? Is this steak going to taste as delicious as usual, or will it send me running to the toilet? However, you probably won't be surprised by your body's strange habits because you are becoming quite experienced at pregnancy! Week 7 will test you again in terms of symptoms, but you are getting used to making the best of it. 

As the days go by, keep encouraging yourself with this quick guide for 7 weeks pregnant ladies. Don't miss a single tip!


7 weeks pregnant: Head and shoulders... arms and legs!

Your baby doesn't look quite human yet, but he's working on it. At this moment, he's a quarter of an inch long, approximately the size of a blueberry! This means that your little one is twice as big as just a few days ago! In our 6 weeks pregnant article, we described how from that point on, the embryo starts developing the different parts of the body, from head to toe (literally!).

By week 7, pregnancy is defined by an embryo that can brag about having extremities for the first time, along with new organs that are transforming it into a captivating living organism. These are the typical milestones that it may be accomplishing now:

  • Sprouting arms and legs. Even some fingers are visible, but not all the way defined.
  • Tailbone
  • Growing eyelids
  • Mouth and tongue
  • Veins
  • Brain with the two developing hemispheres.
  • Growing liver
  • Pancreas is now visible as well
  • Forming the appendix
  • Sets of kidneys
  • The umbilical cord is starting to form


7 weeks pregnant: Putting on weight 

No, you can't boast about having a baby bump yet. What you may notice at 7 weeks pregnant, though, is that your weight has slightly increased, but probably just by a few pounds. By now you could also be suffering from stomach cramps. These will typically bother you during your first three months as an expectant mother.

Along with cramps, at 7 weeks pregnant you may be experiencing common pregnancy symptoms, such as:

  • Fatigue: you need to make sure you get enough rest.
  • Morning Sickness: it must be at its peak right now. If you need to, go outside or open the windows of your house so you can breathe some fresh air.
  • Enlarged breasts: they are getting fatter and adapted for breastfeeding. They will be a lot more tender than usual, and you may notice that the nipples begin to protrude.
  • Drooling: another side effect of the pregnancy hormone increase is excess saliva. Experts recommend chewing on sugar free gum to help your mouth feel more dry.
  • Moodiness: your mood will most likely swing unexpectedly. Your PMS will feel like a joke in comparison to how extreme you can get now, either for good or bad.
  • Constant need to urinate: your uterus has grown so much that your pelvic area has needed some readjustments. Pee has less space than normal and, as a result, needs to come out more often.

Food will drive you crazy when you are 7 weeks pregnant. Things that you used to enjoy now taste, surprisingly, nasty. The feeling won't last forever, but it can be annoying, especially if you go hungry before discovering a new favourite menu that fits into your altered palate. To face the well known 'food aversions', treat yourself to some of the foods that you're craving. In movies and shows, you must have seen pregnant ladies devouring crazy food combinations like pickles and ice cream. Now it's your turn to do it, as long as you keep the pregnancy cravings under control and combine them with a healthy diet!


7 weeks pregnant: It's never too late... to see the doctor

Hopefully, you may have had your first visit to the doctor after finding out about your pregnancy. Week 7, though, is still early enough in the pregnancy that not going before now probably won't have any negative effects. Pay attention to your first impression of your midwife or obstetrician. They will be very important for your journey through the remainder of your pregnancy! Basically, what you can expect is a preliminary check-up for both you and the baby, and some advice about pregnancy: changes in your lifestyle and bad habits to avoid (smoking, drinking and certain medication, for instance).

After asking you some questions about your medical history, at 7 weeks pregnant the doctor will probably prescribe you folic acid and vitamin D supplements to reinforce your body while it makes the huge effort to nourish a growing baby.


In a nutshell, 7 weeks pregnant women need to take a step ahead and take good care of themselves. You have a bun in the oven that's rising fast, and you can feel it! Always follow the doctor's advice, and don't do any dangerous activities that could put you and your baby at risk.