6 weeks pregnant

There's a lot going on in your body when you are 6 weeks pregnant! If you are still hesitant about taking a home pregnancy test, get rid of your concerns.

From 5 weeks on, you should get a positive result with full accuracy, since you are producing more than enough pregnancy hormones to confirm your new status. Once you know for sure, you can finally devote yourself to your future baby, who's experiencing an incredible transformation inside your uterus.

You are still a beginner at pregnancy; 6 weeks are no more than the firsts steps on this fantastic journey that will astonish you for the next 8 months. Get comfortable and enjoy the 'ride'! But play safe and ‘buckle up,’ by learning some tips and very valuable information for pregnancy week 6.


6 weeks pregnant: Making faces

You are at that point where every expectant mum would like to have a nano-camera inside her body to visualise all the changes that your embryo is going through. It's such a fascinating process that transforms a pea sized living structure into the future boy or girl that you'll be holding before you know it!

Right now, the most remarkable changes are taking place in the growth of his head, which is developing faster than the other parts of his body. At 6 weeks pregnant, the tiny little embryo shows:

  • An oversized head
  • Black dots, identified as the forming eyes and nostrils
  • A body cavity at each side of his head. In other words, where his ears will emerge
  • Protuberances that soon will turn into his arms and legs.
  • A heart, which beats between 100 and 160 times a minute.
  • Growing intestines.
  • Some bones and muscles can be distinguished
  • An evolving brain

As you can see, your little one is getting ‘shaped and molded’ into human form very quickly! And not only is he developing his physical features, but he's also getting ready to add some rhythm to his brand-new 'pieces'. In fact, some women who are six weeks pregnant will experience embryo movement a little bit before the week 7. But don't expect to feel anything yet! You'll have to wait, at least, until the 16th week.


6 weeks pregnant: Running to the bathroom

These days, you may be getting more than familiar with some unpleasant pregnancy symptoms. We talked about them widely in the 4 weeks pregnant article, but for you this will be a daily battle, a struggle that will be changing as weeks go by and you are entering new phases of your pregnancy. One of the most characteristic alterations that you may be dealing with right now is frequent urination. Your bladder is being pushed by the developing uterus, which is leaving less space for your urine. Also, the pregnancy hormones have stimulated the blood flow to that area, so be prepared: you'll take very regular 'trips' to the bathroom, some of which will even interfere your sleeping time. (But maybe you can consider this ‘training’ for the sleepless night’s you’ll have after your little one is born!)

Other classic symptoms that you may be experiencing now are:


6 weeks pregnant: Time to get some advice

At 6 weeks pregnant, you should have already had the first meeting with the midwife or doctor that you’ve chosen to help guide you through your pregnancy. If you haven't, then it's time to put your 'mummy engine’ into full gear and go get some advice. You got the desired positive result, so there's no need to wait. In this first visit to the obstetrician, which we explained with more detail in the article 4 weeks pregnant as well, will give you basic information about pregnancy: you are providing for your future baby, so you need to engage in healthy habits. They'll ask you questions about your medical history, trying to figure out if you are still under medication that could damage your growing child.

Expect to have an initial check-up, in which the doctor will make sure that you and the baby are fine. You'll probably be prescribed folic acid and vitamin D supplements.

Finally, make sure to already be getting a lot of rest at 6 weeks pregnant. Your body is working extra hard to build your future baby's 'home' inside your uterus, and that will leave you exhausted. Start setting a routine that allows you to have some rest both at night and day, and keep your stress levels under control. You are doing great so far, but it has all been a test drive—now the race is about to start!