33 weeks pregnant

At 33 weeks pregnant, you’re really getting close to the finish line now! In just 6 weeks, your baby will technically be considered full term.

(Though you may be thinking to yourself that you’re not sure how much more full you can get!) If you’re anxious to get your little one out and meet him, don’t worry, he’ll be here before you know it.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling nervous about delivery and parenthood in general, you’re definitely not alone either. All you can do is trust yourself and your doctors, and be sure to educate yourself as much as possible. Have a look at our quick guide that will tell you everything you need to know about week 33 pregnancy.


33 weeks pregnant: A big, fresh head of lettuce

That’s right. In pregnancy week 33, your baby is about the size of a whole head of lettuce! He’s between 17 and 19 inches long and weighs in at over 4 pounds. He should be gaining about half a pound per week for the rest of your pregnancy, and he could grow as much as another entire inch this week alone!

The circumference of his head will get about half an inch bigger this week, too. But at this point, the different bones that make up his cranium aren’t fused together. They can actually move and overlap each other a little bit. This is a cool trick that will help your little one get through the birth canal a little easier. All those bones should grow together shortly after birth! 

And that’s not all. Here’s what else is new with your little one in week 33 pregnancy:

  • His body now takes up more room in your uterus than the amniotic fluid does.
  • He’s also drinking the amniotic fluid—as much as a pint every day! This helps his digestive system get some practice before birth.
  • His little eyes can tell the difference between nighttime and daytime. He’s even sleeping with his eyes closed during the night and keeping them awake during the day.
  • His immune system is also starting to develop with the help of your precious antibodies!


33 weeks pregnant: Feeling wiped out

At 33 weeks pregnant, it’s very normal to feel extremely tired and even grumpy. With everything going on in your body, who can blame you? Here’s what you might be experiencing this week: 

  • Feeling the kicks and punches from your little one with more force because there is less amniotic fluid between the two of you
  • Insomnia, usually from physical discomfort, having to get up and pee many times in the night, and even anxiety
  • Leg cramps
  • Heartburn
  • Varicose veins
  • Round ligament and back pain
  • Brittle nails and hair that grow quickly
  • Prone to having more accidents
  • Can’t catch your breath
  • “Practice” contractions
  • Pregnancy brain, or general mental fuzziness
  • Tingling, aching, or numbness in your small extremities

Lack of sleep, painful and annoying physical symptoms, and anxiety are a nasty cocktail that could have you feeling pretty miserable at 33 weeks pregnant. Here are some simple but effective ways to keep you energy and spirits high, while keeping your nerves at a minimum: 

Physical activity, especially low impact exercises like prenatal yoga or swimming
Eating a healthy and balanced diet rich in B vitamins, calcium, iron, fatty omega acids, and beta keratins
Warms baths to ease aches and pains
Staying hydrated


33 weeks pregnant: Make a list!

There aren’t any normally scheduled antenatal doctor’s visits during pregnancy week 33, but you should still be doing your daily kick count, which was explained thoroughly in the 29 weeks pregnant article. This is just a simple daily test to keep track of your baby’s activity so you can know quickly if anything unusual is happening to him.

Also, you should have a doctor’s visit around 34 weeks pregnant, during which you’ll have all the usual measurements taken and talk about the results of any tests that you’ve had recently. As you get closer to your delivery date, you may find yourself feeling nervous and having lots of questions. Why not use this week to think about some questions or concerns that you have for the doctor? Making a list might be a great activity to keep yourself entertained while you do your kick count at 33 weeks pregnant! 

Writing down your concerns and questions might even help ease some of the anxiety that you’re feeling. If you’re like most pregnant women, you’re probably worrying yourself more than you need to. You’re 33 weeks pregnant, which means that your body has known what to do up to this point. When you welcome your little one into the world, you may just find that your own maternal instinct takes over and it’s easier than you think.