30 weeks pregnant

At 30 weeks pregnant, you’ve only got 10 weeks to go, or just 9 weeks until you’re technically considered full term.

That might be a relief to hear because right about now you’re probably starting to feel pretty crummy. This is the time when many of the negative pregnancy symptoms you felt in your first trimester could start to reappear. But you’re also closer than ever to meeting your little one!

In the meantime, you can find out everything you need to know about week 30 pregnancy in this quick guide.


30 weeks pregnant: Baby’s…moulting!

Yes, you read that correctly. Remember the lanugo, or thin layer of fluffy hairs, that covered your baby’s body to keep him warm while he was all skin and bones? Well, by now, he’s put on enough weight that he doesn’t need the lanugo anymore and he’s shedding it—just like a cute little bird! 

By pregnancy week 30, he’s between 15 and 16 inches long, he weighs about 3 pounds and he should be gaining an additional half pound each week until he’s born. But that’s not all the growing he’s doing these days. Check out what else is new with your little one by the time you’re 30 weeks pregnant: 

  • His body growth has been catching up with head and now has normal baby proportions (remember when his head was half of the length of his body?).
  • But his brain keeps growing and is beginning to wrinkle like an adult’s brain as it gets too big for his skull. Until now it has been smooth.
  • His little fingernails and toenails are growing, too!
  • His bone marrow has taken charge of producing red blood cells, which was previously done by tissue groups and his spleen.
  • His eyesight continues developing, but it’s not very good yet and won’t be for a while, even after birth.
  • He has even learned a new trick—now he can grab and hold onto his feet!


30 weeks pregnant: Feeling crummy?

With all the fast growing that your little one has been doing recently, at 30 weeks pregnant you may feel about ready to explode—both physically and emotionally. It’s very normal for women to get cranky right about now because of a nasty combination of pregnancy hormones, exhaustion and lots of unpleasant physical symptoms.

If you’re starting to get grumpy, try to stay calm and remind yourself that you’ve only got a few weeks left. It also helps to give yourself as much rest and relaxation as you want! With all the strange things happening to your body, it’s well deserved. Here are some of the most common symptoms during week 30 pregnancy: 

  • Early pregnancy symptoms, especially exhaustion and nausea could be coming back.
  • You may need to pee frequently again because your baby’s big head is pushing on your bladder!
  • Your breasts might start to feel very tender as they get ready to start producing milk.
  • It also could be hard for you to catch your breath sometimes when your baby is pressing against your diaphragm.
  • Your heartburn may also be particularly nasty at 30 weeks pregnant as the hormones that loosen various ligaments in your body also have an effect on the sphincter that normally protects your oesophagus from acid.
  • The loosened ligaments, along with your lower centre of gravity, could also be causing you to feel clumsy and have more accidents than normal. Be careful, mum!
  • Finally, you might be feeling extra bloated and gassy these days…with the additional problem of having trouble controlling the, erm, outflow. Don’t worry! This is because of those pesky pregnancy hormones again and it’s completely normal. If you accidentally let one go, who can blame you? You’ve got a nearly full-grown baby inside you!


30 weeks pregnant: Start thinking about delivery

During pregnancy week 30, you won’t have any scheduled antenatal appointments or tests to worry about. However, if you and your partner haven’t already done so, 30 weeks pregnant is probably the time to have a serious conversation with your doctor or midwife about your delivery options. You will probably want to decide in advance whether you will go for natural childbirth, have an epidural, or try one of many other options. Your doctor should also let you know if you have any red flags that seem to indicate a higher risk of needing a C-section. Be sure to know your preferences, and also talk through a plan B and worse case scenario with your partner.

By pregnancy week 30, you have probably already started collecting and assembling a myriad of devices for your little one’s safety and entertainment—a mobile for above the crib, a baby monitor, special nightlights, music players, or other toys. Many of these devices will require batteries, a small detail that some parents accidentally overlook! Be sure to pick up plenty of batteries before your little one arrives to power everything up.


Though you may be feeling a little low on batteries yourself at 30 weeks pregnant, keep in mind that it’s nearly over. Soon you’ll be face to face with your brand new baby, these icky feelings will go away and it will all have been worth it. Hang in there, mum!