3 weeks pregnant

Big news may await you as a 3 weeks pregnant woman! Your body is hosting a 'maelstrom' of events, mainly taking place in your uterus.

But things are coming together really fast and you should have your pregnancy test kit at hand if you've been trying to get pregnant, because this is when most pregnancy tests can begin to be accurate. By the end of these seven days, you could get the desired positive that you were looking for!

To build the anticipation and to prepare yourself to this exciting time, don't miss the following tips, which will teach you everything you need to now about the third week of pregnancy.


3 weeks pregnant: Big bang 

If we could look precisely inside your 3 weeks pregnant uterus, we may find a 'cell party'. The zygote, formed by the merging of the egg and the sperm, travelled through the fallopian tubes and, in the process, experienced some mitosis (cell division). Ball shaped, in a structure known as blastocyst, hundreds of cells will start taking action to form both the embryo and the placenta.

What we've got so far is this small ball that is developing at a fast pace and, at the same time, it is producing the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), better known as the pregnancy hormone. This hormone will prevent you from ovulating for the next 9 months and will actively contribute to the placental growth, by producing oestrogen and progesterone.

At the same time, amniotic fluid is starting to build a structure around the blastocyst that will turn into the amniotic sac, which will protect your baby. It may sound very scientific, but basically your womb is building a big cushion to help keep your growing guy safe and comfortable!


3 weeks pregnant: Are you feeling OK?

Up to this point, you may have been feeling fine. Most women don't start showing pregnancy symptoms until now: during pregnancy, week 3 is the watershed that you've been waiting for... the moment everything will change! Sometimes your own body can be more reliable than a pregnancy test. Learn how to listen to it by paying attention to the following developments:

  • Fatigue: get ready to feel exhausted. Preparing your body to host a baby takes a lot of effort!
  • Sensitive breasts: if breasts normally feel tender, they may be over-sensitive by now.
  • Gas: you may either be gassy or constipated.
  • Morning sickness: nausea and vomiting tend to show up later, but some women suffer from it from the very beginning.
  • Urination: you may experience the need to pee more often than usual.
  • Smells become a nightmare: the increase of oestrogen in your body will make you be more sensitive to smells, which could even make you gag.
  • High basal body temperature.

Among the symptoms, pay special attention to spotting and bleeding. Many women find red stains when their period is supposed to come. Though sometimes it's harmless, it can also mean you've got a case of an ectopic pregnancy, which happens when the fertilised egg gets stuck in the fallopian tube instead of making its way to the uterus, where it belongs. This affliction can be deadly for both you and the future baby. If you see any bleeding when you are pregnant, or feel serious discomfort, call the doctor right away.


3 weeks pregnant: Yes or no?

As a 3 weeks pregnant lady, you can finally take a pregnancy test with some hope of getting an accurate answer! Depending on the test and on where you are in your menstrual cycle, it may still be a little early to get a positive, since home pregnancy tests generally work two weeks after ovulating. But you should definitely try and keep your fingers crossed if you're anxiously waiting for the big moment.

Meawhile, you may keep working on giving up bad habits and getting your body ready for a healthy pregnancy. As mentioned in both our articles about 1 week pregnant and 2 weeks pregnant women, you should stay away from alcohol, tobacco and caffeine. Schedule a first appointment with the doctor to talk about the kinds of medications you can take while you are expecting a baby, especially if you currently take any prescription drugs. At the same time, he'll prescribe you folic acid and vitamin D supplements, and he'll give you some advice about nutrition, hygiene and the lifestyle you should follow once you are carrying a baby.


By 3 weeks, pregnant women may finally start to feel like they are truly going to be a mother soon. The changes in your body will begin to show outward signs, and you will probably have a hundred questions! Don't worry, being 3 weeks pregnant you still have a long road ahead of you, when you can find out exactly what to expect when your little one arrives. The more information you have, the easier it will be. And by the time he gets here, you'll be completely prepared!