23 weeks pregnant

As a 23 weeks pregnant woman, you may be having some ups and downs. You may be getting a bit tired, but everything is still new and exciting.

On the one hand, you are amazed by how active your baby feels inside your womb and how fast he's growing; but on the other hand, there are tough days when you just need a break. Carrying a baby is like running a marathon and, by this point, you've made it more than halfway. It's completely normal to start feeling exhausted. Try to relax, because this is not over yet. If you have problems sleeping through the night, try meditation or relaxation techniques that can help you be calm and get enough rest. Controlling your state of mind is another essential trick to make it through pregnancy week 23.

From Captain Mums, we want to make sure you excel during these days. That's why we are providing you with a few tips that will definitely help you manage many situations that you'll come across as a 23 weeks pregnant lady.


23 weeks pregnant: Skin filling out 

Your future munchkin keeps taking steps forward in his development. He doesn't take any breaks when it comes to learning new skills or adapting his body for when he's out of your uterus. Get ready, because he'll be twice as big as he is now within the next 4 weeks. Not only will he put on a lot of weight, but so will you. But let's not rush too much and stay focused on now, pregnancy week 23.  

At 23 weeks pregnant, your little one measures 11 or so inches long, while he weighs more than a pound. He's about to experience remarkable growth, which will first start with his skin. Somehow, he's making 'room' for all the fat he'll gain over the next few days, and that's why his skin is a little saggy. He'll soon fill it out, though.

Preparing his body for such a growth spurt is not the only milestone that your baby will accomplish by the time you’re 23 weeks pregnant. Here are some others:

  • His skin becomes more reddish, due to the forming arteries and veins
  • His skin cells have now keratin, a protein that adds extra protection to the baby
  • The baby's lungs are completing their development. He will soon be able to breath
  • Hands and legs are more defined. You could even spot them from the outside when he's poking you
  • His ears are becoming more and more acute, as he can now perceive loud noises from the outside. If, for instance, he hears the ambulance passing by your house regularly, he could be used to that sound once he's born.


23 weeks pregnant: Where are my true colours?

By week 23, pregnancy has challenged you in many ways, but you've overcome them all. Side effects are definitely an unpleasant part of expecting a baby that, at this point, you've got to know pretty well. Unfortunately, you'll have to struggle for a while more. Pregnancy hormones keep having an impact in your body, and you should know what to expect.

One of the most singular symptoms you'll show has to do with skin colour. The blood volume in your body has increased, and that may make the palms of your hands turn red and itch. The same thing may happen to the soles of your feet. Talking about feet, and as we mentioned in the 22 weeks pregnant article, these may get bigger due to the effect of the pregnancy hormones. Don't be surprised if you end up having to replace some of your favourite shoes! Also, this is the time when the 'linea nigra', the dark line that connects the belly button with your pubic area, starts to be noticeable. You should also pay attention to the aureolas of your breasts, freckles or even your face, because their natural colour may change a bit.

Besides discoloration and rashes (oh yeah, you may suffer these too), here are other classic side effects you could be facing at 23 weeks pregnant:

  • Hunger attacks: you'll see yourself visiting the fridge way too often. Don't let pregnancy cravings rule your diet, and make sure to introduce healthy items.
  • Fuzziness: those hormones are also affecting your mental clarity. You may be more forgetful than usual. Many women refer to this as ‘pregnancy brain’.
  • Fluid retention: it will cause general swelling, so try to stay hydrated.
  • Snoring: your nose may get stuffed up, because of extra mucus, and make your sleep time and your partner's much harder
  • Baby's activity: feeling your future munchkin's kicks in your womb is exciting, but when the foetus has grown enough, some of the baby's hits can be painful.

Though at 23 weeks pregnant you still have quite a way left before you give birth, you should start planning your maternity leave. Talk to your boss and try to arrange dates that are also approved by the company. It would also be great if Dad could do the same, so you both don't have to worry later.


At 23 weeks pregnant, you are passing another checkpoint on the journey of nourishing your baby. He's about to double in size, which will also have an effect on your weight and mobility. Take advantage of these days to take nice walks and decompress a little bit, because in the end you may end up overwhelmed. But, remember, another week down!