22 weeks pregnant

At 22 weeks pregnant, you are 'wearing' a beautiful bump that astonishes your relatives and friends, as well as some curious strangers.

Be ready to answer many questions when you run into nosy people, who may ask you if it's possible for them to touch your growing belly. Consenting depends on how much you are willing to share your excitement and, also, on how trustworthy the person in front of you is. Anyway, remember that your bump isn't a magnet and you don't have to please everybody!

As you continue adapting to your changing condition and routine, you can use these tips as extra help to excel at pregnancy week 22.


22 weeks pregnant: The most fascinating 'doll'

Isn't it amazing to spend these days with a growing human being inside of your body? You may have to think about it twice to understand the magnitude of such a unique moment in life. While you may feel a bit tired at 22 weeks pregnant, your future munchkin is full of energy. Who could blame him? He's being nourished properly (his size, about 11 inches and 500 grammes, is evidence of that!), he's very comfortable inside your womb and he keeps getting more and more 'talented'. If you could see him right now, you would almost certainly say that he looks just like a sweet little doll, showing off his fascinating features and skills that keep improving as days go by.

During week 22, pregnancy supplies your baby with new 'equipment'. These are some of his new abilities:

  • He can now get physiological answers out of emotions due to his developing of the brain's limbic system
  • Perceiving the sounds inside your body: his ears can hear you breathing and your heart, beating.
  • Eyebrows and eyelashes are well defined, but his irises aren't coloured yet
  • Enhancing his sight perception, which allow him to distinguish light and dark much better than he did before
  • Tooth buds are growing under the surface of his gums
  • His pancreas continues developing, too


22 weeks pregnant: Bigfoot is real

As a 22 weeks pregnant lady, you've become a pro at dealing with the side effects of carrying a child. But, oh, pregnancy hormones are so unpredictable that new symptoms can catch you unaware anytime, anywhere! Here's a weird one that you should keep track of when you reach these seven days: larger feet. Don't panic yet! We are not talking about a huge increase, but a half or whole shoe-size. And why does it happen? Around this time, pregnancy hormones are causing various ligaments in your body to relax a little and, consequently, bones to spread as well. 

That being said, don't get anxious. Instead of staring at your feet and feeling paranoid about possible changes, just pay attention to how your shoes feel. If those boots that you loved so much and that used to be as comfortable as slippers on your feet now hurt you or feel too tight, there it is. It's time to care less about fashion and make comfort the priority.


In addition, when you are 22 weeks pregnant, pregnancy 'speaks' to you with other side effects, such as:

  • Stretch marks: striation can show up on your belly, hips, breasts and thighs, resulting from the expanding bump. If they get severe, try to keep your weight under control, because the marks tend to be more noticeable in women who put on more than the recommended amount.

  • Leg cramps: this is not the first week you may be facing them. Remember to take some vitamins to prevent the lack of calcium and magnesium, which are culprit of your pain.

  • Heartburn: who said hungry? As much as you enjoy eating a lot at 22 weeks pregnant, for both you and the baby, you need to be careful. Spicy and heavy foods can now accelerate heartburn and an increase of the acid level in your stomach.

  • Constipation: your poor bowels feel restricted by the pushing uterus. Taking a daily walk can help provoke some movement down there.

  • Body hair sprouts: androgens may be more active than usual and can make body hair increase all over your body. It's just temporary but, we understand, it can be annoying. If it's bothering you, it might be time to get the tweezers and wax ready.


As you can see, 22 weeks pregnant brings the whole package. You and your baby look gorgeous, but there are a few side effects that keep challenging you. Try to focus on the good things. Your little one is growing big and healthy and, after all, you feel fine. You are another step closer to holding him in your arms for the first time.