2 weeks pregnant

A lot of things are going on in your body when you are 2 weeks pregnant. Don't start looking for physical changes yet, since the activity is focused inside your uterus at the moment.

As during the first week, at this point you may not even be aware of your pregnancy. Your “baby” right now is just a tiny cluster of cells, growing and splitting rapidly! For now, it is all about merging genes, the process that will determine every aspect, physical and psychological, of your future little one. 

At week 2, pregnant women should start adopting a special routine to accommodate their new life. If you want to know every detail about this exciting period of time and learn some tips to get through it the best way possible, take a look at the following guide.

2 weeks pregnant: The early bird catches the worm

We've all heard or read about the 'epic' journey that one sperm has to take to make it to the egg. It's a merciless race involving an average of 250 million sperm, only one of which will be the chosen one. The lucky sperm will be the first to break through the outer membrane of the egg, paving the way for fertilisation.

It may sound weird, but as a 2 weeks pregnant lady, know that this is what will soon happen inside of you, and your body is preparing for it. It's a complex process that, for doctors, begins its countdown from the first day of your last period. What doctors understand as the second week of pregnancy corresponds to the second week of the menstrual cycle. By the end of it, around day 14 if you're regular, your body ovulates and soon after fertilisation occurs. Once the sperm and the egg join and mix their genetic information, the resulting zygote will make its way back to the uterus through the fallopian tubes. During this 'trip', the zygote will divide mitotically up to four times. Basically, it will split into 16 cells that, later, will shape the blastocyst, the primary structure for the future embryo.

2 weeks pregnant: I can't tell yet!

If you are trying to get pregnant or expecting to be, you may be tempted to already take a pregnancy test. Just so you know, most of them won't give you a valid answer until you miss your next period. Let things settle down and, while you wait, pay attention to any physiological changes. There are some that could indicate that you are 2 weeks pregnant. Look for any of these pregnancy symptoms:

Others include swollen and sore breasts, nausea and an increase in urination. Although some of these alterations can show up during the first two weeks of pregnancy, more as symptoms of ovulation than of pregnancy, they usually start once you are 3 weeks pregnant. You may even be lucky and experience them only mildly, or skip them entirely!

2 weeks pregnant: Making plans 

Expecting a baby takes some planning. Some starts even before you are actually pregnant. By now, you may have taken advantage of the days when your fertility level is at its peak. Experts say that you are more likely to become pregnant if you have sex between 72 hours before you start to ovulate and 24 after you are done. If you didn't succeed this time, now you know when to try!

Beyond conception, and looking at the big picture of pregnancy, week 2 also means preparation for what's about to come. For the first time, you are starting to think like a future mum. What you eat, drink, or the amount of rest you get isn't just for you anymore, but also for your future son or daughter. It’s okay if it takes you a few days to acknowledge some inevitable sacrifices that you will have to make to ensure the baby's safety. But, as a 2 weeks pregnant woman, you should start considering a first appointment with the doctor, even if its purpose is just to get some clear answers about the new lifestyle you are about to adopt.

Alcohol, tobacco, certain medications or high amounts of caffeine will be some of the things you'll have to remove from your normal habits when you are 2 weeks pregnant. If you have problems giving up these kinds of habit-forming substances, ask the doctor for some help and advice. He will find ways to help you reduce them step by step, so it doesn't feel so terrible. Always keep in mind that a healthy baby is worth every effort that you’ll have to make.