15 weeks pregnant

Things are starting to feel very real by the time you are 15 weeks pregnant! The second trimester of gestation is on, which means that you are closer to meeting your future baby!

The annoying pregnancy symptoms that had been bothering your during the first trimester, and possibly during the first weeks of the second, are pretty much over, but new ones may arrive with a vengeance (making a baby doesn't come with a pause button!). Week 15 could be the week when you find out whether the foetus is a boy or a girl, as long as our tiny friend isn't too shy when it comes to checking out his sex!

Many steps await you during these seven days. Stay ahead of the curve by reading the following guide!


15 weeks pregnant: Dancing 'apple'

What's happening to your baby right now? Well, he's actually having a blast in your womb. He is putting his new moving skills into practice, as he keeps growing and evolving to a more complete (but still miniature) human being. He is now more than 4 inches long, so you could perfectly picture him as the size of an apple.

When you are 15 weeks pregnant, your growing munchkin is accomplishing some milestones, such as: 

  • Eyes and ears are setting down properly into their normal spots
  • Eyelids remain shut, but he can perceive light
  • He’s now able to swallow
  • Breathing -his lungs are developing, so this practice helps him put the air sacs to wor
  • Thumb sucking and mouth movement
  • Complete limb mobility
  • Moving around a lot, which includes kicking and curling up
  • Legs developing at a fast pace


15 weeks pregnant: Building up your bump

Hopefully, you've stopped suffering from pregnancy's first trimester symptoms by now. Being 15 weeks pregnant, morning sickness and fatigue are no longer part of your routine, but don't stop paying attention to your body. It is time for you to 'look' pregnant, and that means putting on some weight! Forget those barely noticeable changes that you've been looking for in front of the mirror. You wanted a bump and you'll get it before you know it, because the second trimester of expecting a baby is mostly about this: you'll get bigger, following the baby's pace of development. But don't worry too much. Remember that what goes up, must come down. If you've put on about 5 pounds up to this point, be prepared to gain one per week from now on! 

Unfortunately, 15 weeks pregnant women deal with other side effects beyond wearing larger-sized clothes. Watch out for: 

  • Stuffed up and bleeding nose: pregnancy hormones cause the increase of blood volume in the nose
  • Swollen gums: the same hormones are provoking inflammation of your gums, which may look red. 

Keeping good oral hygiene is vital while pregnant. If you don't take care of those sore, bleeding gums, your gingivitis could lead to periodontitis, an infection of the tissues around the teeth. The latter has often been related to preeclampsia, a severe medical condition that involves high blood pressure and urine retention. That being said, don't forget to have your toothbrush and dental floss at hand. Try to brush after every meal. It's better to be safe than sorry!


15 weeks pregnant: It will be fine

If, for some reason, you skipped the combined test when you were 11 weeks pregnant or 14 weeks pregnant, week 15 provides you with a new opportunity. From now to week 20, you'll have the option to take the triple or quadruple blood screening tests, which is essential to finding out whether your baby could have Down Syndrome or not.

The name of the test is such because it analyses 4 different kinds of proteins found in your blood:

  • hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)
  • uE3 (oestriol)
  • AFP (alpha fetoprotein)
  • Inhibin A


Moreover, by week 15 you could also have an ultrasound that may reveal the future child's sex. Mostly, this will depend on his position; so don't take for granted that you'll get a clear answer. If you don't, don't get nervous and be patient for the next time. If he wanted to show 'all he's got', then you'd better start planning some shopping. His little clothes and the decorations for his room are going to make these days a lot more exciting.

Now you know what to expect when you are at 15 weeks pregnant. You are not even halfway through this 'race', but you are not a beginner either. Hopefully, all the tests will reveal that your little one is growing healthily – and the same thing applies to your body! You are entering a phase where any help from your partner, family and friends will be appreciated. Don't feel bad for making everybody be a part of this. You are a pregnant lady, so soak up the limelight and be the centre of attention. Who could blame you?