14 weeks pregnant

Now that you’re 14 weeks pregnant, your first trimester may be beginning to feel like a memory. That means that you are already a third of the way finished with making your baby!

Try to enjoy this stage of the pregnancy, as it is typically the easiest, physically speaking. It’s also the time when you’ll finally be able to learn the sex of your little one—if you choose to do so, and when it will be very obvious to everyone who sees you that you’re an expecting mum.

Your little one is growing really quickly, and your body will be experiencing some big changes too during pregnancy week 14, so take a look at our quick guide to learn everything you need to know.


14 weeks pregnant: A furry little lemon

As strange as it may sound, this is one way that you could describe your growing baby at 14 weeks pregnant. Right now, he’s between 3.5 and 4 inches long, or the size of a lemon. He’s also covered in a thin layer of hair called lanugo that he will shed before he is born. Here’s what else he is up to:

  • He’s frowning and smiling
  • He’s moving around pretty much constantly, and pretty gracefully at this point
  • He may even be sucking his thumb
  • He’s growing hair and eyebrows
  • His body is stretching out and becoming straighter instead of curled up all the time
  • He can already excrete urine, which goes into the amniotic fluid for the rest of his time in the womb
  • His digestive system is already working on his first excrement, known as meconium
  • His liver is already making bile, one of the most important bodily functions
  • His sex organs are fully developed, and with a little bit of luck you could see them on an ultrasound during week 14 pregnancy


14 weeks pregnant: Sniffling and sneezing?

By 14 weeks pregnant, most of your unpleasant early pregnancy symptoms will be gone or seriously diminished, but this doesn’t mean that everything will be peachy. Here’s how you may be feeling about now, both good and bad: 

  • You have more energy
  • Your breasts are less sore
  • Your belly is starting to form a small but distinctive baby bump
  • You can feel the top of your uterus by pressing in your abdomen above the pelvic bone
  • You may have abdominal pains, called round ligament pain, caused by the ligaments around your uterus stretching out
  • You can expect to gain about a pound a week for at least the next month
  • You may be suffering from a stuffy or runny nose due to pregnancy hormones
  • You are also more vulnerable to catching colds and flus, so take care!


14 weeks pregnant: Last chance for the combined test!

As mentioned in the 8 weeks pregnant article, your first ultrasound can happen anytime between pregnancy week 8 and pregnancy week 14. There are several reasons that many women choose to have the ultrasound closer to the 8 week mark. For instance, if there is a strong chance of having any genetic disorders (either because there is a family history or because you have a high risk pregnancy), it’s better to know sooner than later. Another point is just that mummies and daddies often want to lay their eyes on their little ones as soon as possible.

However, there are also many reasons that you could have waited until pregnancy week 14 to have your first ultrasound, including the possibility that your doctor had a full schedule. There is nothing wrong with waiting until you are 14 weeks pregnant. In fact, you have an advantage over the parents who had theirs earlier: you may be able to detect the sex of your growing baby at your first ultrasound!

Another test that you might have at 14 weeks pregnant is the combined test. As explained in the 11 weeks pregnant article, your doctor may order this special test if there are any abnormalities that could indicate Down Syndrome or similar chromosomal disorders. You’ll need to have this test before week 14 plus 1 day of your pregnancy. But if you miss this deadline, don’t worry! There are multiple other testing options that your doctors can offer you later in your pregnancy.

Now that it may be possible to learn the sex of your baby, you and your partner will need to decide if this is what you want to do. While it may seem like almost everyone chooses to find out as soon as possible, the truth is that over a third of couples choose to wait until birth for a surprise. Why not make a list of pros and cons with Daddy? Do you prefer to plan ahead so you can pick names and prepare your family, or do you prefer to follow the ancient tradition of waiting and being surprised? The choice is yours! The only important thing is that you and your partner agree and respect each other’s decisions.


You and your partner have a lot to think about as you move closer to your due date. Being 14 weeks pregnant, you’re feeling a bit better and have more energy, so it’s probably time to start preparing for your little one’s arrival! If you and Daddy can work together to make decisions during pregnancy, you’ll be pros by the time the real parenting begins!