11 weeks pregnant

At 11 weeks pregnant, you are a pro at first trimester of pregnancy. By now the exhaustion, mood swings, and nausea are old news and you know how to get through the day.

It may have been hard up to this point, clearly 'feeling' pregnant, but not having much (in terms of baby bumps and ultrasound images) to show for it. But that’s all about to change. At 11 weeks pregnant, not only will many of your first trimester pregnancy symptoms begin to subside soon, but also your little one is growing at the speed of light, and soon there will be no question in anyone’s mind if you’re pregnant!

Just blink and you might miss pregnancy week 11. Take a look at this helpful guide before it passes you by!


11 weeks pregnant: Baby’s Rockin’and Rollin’

By now, your little one is unmistakably human—just with a really big head! During week 11 pregnancy, his head takes up about half the length of his body. But don’t worry, his body will soon catch up to his head. Here’s everything you need to know about your baby’s development:

  • He measures between 1.5 and 2.5 inches, or the size of a small apricot
  • His ears have moved to their permanent home at either side of his head
  • He has translucent skin
  • His bones are getting harder and harder every day, and teeth have been forming under his gums
  • Either testes or ovaries have been developing, but they’re still not visible
  • His fingers and toes are fully separated. Goodbye, webbing!
  • The tip of his nose and nostrils are fully formed
  • His mouth is complete with tongue and palate
  • He even has nipples and hair follicles!
  • Can straighten body
  • His torso is getting longer
  • He can move around, doing flips, rolls, kicks, and stretches! (But you can’t feel it yet.)


11 weeks pregnant: Starting to feel better?

By 11 weeks pregnant, your first trimester is coming close to its end. This is great for you because it means that many of your typical pregnancy symptoms will start to get better—but that doesn’t mean you won’t have any discomfort or problems! Here are some of the changes your body will experience during pregnancy week 11:

  • Your morning sickness will typically start to dwindle, which means that you can finally begin to enjoy food again!
  • This is also when you will probably feel much hungrier than you have for the past several weeks
  • Your lower abdomen could possible begin to stick out, but it’s not very distinguishable from a little bit of extra belly fat.
  • You’ll probably be feeling gassy, bloated, and constipated as your pregnancy hormones begin to slow down your digestive system a bit.
  • You may also feel very full or uncomfortable after eating only a little. This is because your uterus is beginning to move upward in your body and will now be much closer to your intestines.
  • Heartburn is also normal

Although several of the early pregnancy symptoms will get better by week 11, pregnancy is a lot of work, and it’s very possible that you will still feel a lot of fatigue. That’s okay, take a break. You’ve earned it!


11 weeks pregnant: Don’t forget your booking appointment!

By 11 weeks pregnant, you have probably already had your first midwife appointment or booking appointment and dating scan, though, as was explained in the 8 weeks pregnant article, this can happen anytime between week 8 and week 12 of pregnancy. During this appointment, you should have discussed the details of your pregnancy with your doctor and found out your due date through the first ultrasound. You may even have heard your little one’s heartbeat for the first time! 

Now, between 11 weeks pregnant plus two days and 14 weeks pregnant plus 1 day, will be the time for the combined test if your doctor believes that it is necessary. The combine test is a series of blood tests, along with a nuchal transparency scan, that looks for certain abnormalities and genetic problems, such as Down Syndrome. The nuchal translucency is the liquid that all babies have under the skin at the base of their skull, but Down Syndrome babies have more than the normal amount. This is a quick way to determine if any further testing is necessary.

Remember that your health at 11 weeks pregnant, and throughout your time as an expecting mum, will influence your little one’s health, too—not only while he’s still growing inside of you, but also after he’s born and into adulthood. For example, some research has shown that the children of mums who had frequent colds while pregnant were more likely to have asthma later.

Food poisoning can also expose your growing baby to lots of harmful bacteria, which can cause various developmental problems, so it’s important to steer clear of undercooked meats or eggs, unpasteurized dairy products, or unwashed vegetables. To keep yourself and your little one safe, be extra careful to wash your hands regularly with warm soapy water, and even consider carrying hand sanitizer with you on the go.


At 11 weeks pregnant, you’ve made it through all the major first steps, including finding out about your pregnancy, changing your diet, dealing with terrible symptoms, staying healthy, and visiting your doctors. You’ve got a long way to go, but it should be getting easier as weeks go by. Great job, mum!