10 weeks pregnant

You are entering a new stage, as you become a 10 weeks pregnant woman. The critical part of your pregnancy, when your future baby was at most risk, is over.

The embryo phase has got to its end as well and, from this point on, your little guy will be better known as a foetus. It's been almost 3 months since you turned into an expectant mum, and it's starting to be physically noticeable beyond the normal symptoms you've been experiencing up to this point.

At week 10, pregnancy gets to a new level that you should understand completely. If you want to know everything involving your baby's development throughout this very special seven days, pay close attention to the following tips.


10 weeks pregnant: Goodbye, embryo; welcome, foetus!

If you could look deeply into your uterus right now, you would be thrilled. The 'tadpole' is long gone and your growing baby is no longer an embryo. He's easily recognisable as an early version of a tiny human being, at this point the size of a strawberry (more than an inch long!). He already has all his organs and tissues sorted out, so this new period is set to help his body mature and develop all the way. His vital organs are already pumping, but what really defines the baby at 10 weeks pregnant are the details.


These are some of the changes that your little one may be undergoing about now:

  • Oversized head
  • Bones are developing, and so is cartilage
  • Shaped arms with elbows that – surprise – can flex!
  • Knees and ankles are starting to poke out from his legs
  • Nails are growing onto his little fingers and toes
  • Peach-hair is noticeable
  • Visible nerves that are coming out from his spinal cord
  • Teeth are developing underneath the surface of the gums.
  • Testosterone and hormone production, as his (or her!) sexual organs take shape.


10 weeks pregnant: Let it go!

By week 10, pregnancy symptoms may be 'hitting' you with a particular vengeance. You may be fed up with nausea and morning sickness, though you probably have learnt to minimize it, or at least work around it, by now. In particular, constipation is a pregnancy side effect that tends to get worse at the end of the first trimester, due to the impact that pregnancy hormones have in your large bowel. It's time for the 10 weeks pregnant future mummy to adapt some aspects of her diet: introducing more whole grains and vegetables is good advice, and so is regular physical activity. Don't forget to stay hydrated, which may also be useful to help you release some gas. Let it go!

Swollen breasts, fatigue, food cravings and heightened sense of smell are part of your routine. But after dealing with these symptoms for a few weeks, you also may be hoping for some physical changes in your body that let you show off some 'mum pride'. Well, there's good news about this. As a 10 weeks pregnant lady, you should be able to see changes, such as:

  • Gaining weight.
  • Veins are getting more visible and prominent in your abdomen.
  • Your lower abdomen should be taking on a bit more of a round shape.


At this point, you should consider going on a special 'pregnancy clothes shopping mission' if you haven't already. Being 10 weeks pregnant, it's time to start looking for maternity clothes, so you aren't caught unprepared. You could start by getting bigger bras and underwear, since those are the parts of your body that have been experiencing the most changes. Not a bad excuse to stuff your closet with new outfits!


10 weeks pregnant: The Doctor is in charge 

In the 8 weeks pregnant article, we already talked thoroughly about what you can expect from your booking appointment, which you need to have between 8 weeks pregnant and 12 weeks pregnant. Just a reminder here: in the first contact with the midwife and the obstetrician, they gave you a few tips to face your new status with the right tools. You've made an effort by getting adjusted to a healthy lifestyle and a routine that can benefit both you and your future munchkin. But we want to make sure everything is coming on as expected, and there are no ugly surprises along the way. Tracking the development of your little one is essentially what all your doctors appointments will be about.

That being said, expect to get extra advice about nutrition, exercise, antenatal screening tests and breastfeeding. In order to make sure everything is alright, you'll have your body mass index (BMI) calculated, and the doctor will also measure your height and vital signs. Testing your blood pressure and the amount of protein in your urine are also on the midwife's agenda. You'll probably be asked about your routine, especially what kind of job you have, so the doctor can detect if there's any risky activity involved.

In addition, you'll have an ultrasound scan that will reveal when your little one is due, called the dating scan.


At 10 weeks pregnant, your baby is finally turning into the tiny human being that you'll be holding, kissing and tickling in a few months. If you are lucky, you may have been able to hear your little one's heartbeats in the booking appointment (to do so, the foetus needs to be facing the correct side). If not, you can always try next time! On the other hand, hang in there with the side effects... You are doing really well for sure, and it will all be worth it in the end.