1 week pregnant

You may not know it yet, but you could already be a 1 week pregnant woman. You could be about to experience the miracle of life!

A wonderful journey that will build an eternal connection between you and your baby. Try not to worry too much and let nature do its job. That being said, keep an eye on our special guide that, week by week, will help you go through this magical time with all the tips and information that you need.


1 week pregnant: The beginning of life

Unless you are a doctor, it's probably been a long time since you took anatomy classes back in school. But there are some essential lessons about our bodies that are impossible to forget. One of them is the creation of human life, from the conception itself to the foetus development. At the first week of pregnancy, we can't even talk about an embryo being in your uterus. Actually, we shouldn't even mention pregnancy, because technically there's no fertilisation yet! However, doctors count day 1 of your menstrual cycle (that is, the first day of your period) as day 1 of pregnancy, once it has happened. 

From the first day of your last period, many unnoticeable things have happened inside your body: you ovulated, the egg travelled through the fallopian tubes and, somewhere in the middle, became fertilised by sperm (which won't happen until the third week, by the way). 

As a result, 1 week pregnant ladies spent their first 7 days without being aware of it - technically, that would be predicting the future! You probably won't find out that you are expecting a baby until the next menstruation is late. Despite this, the doctor will take the first day of your last period as a reference to calculate the 9 months, since it's impossible to determine at which specific moment you became pregnant.


1 week pregnant symptoms: What is wrong with me?

Though it's hard to realise that you are pregnant at such an early stage, there are some signs that, at least, could make you think about it. There's no physical evidence that can tell you for sure, but sometimes our bodies speak to us. And this is one of those times. You may start experiencing some unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, such as:

Some women even feel their breasts more tender than usual when they are 1 week pregnant, while others become moody and react unexpectedly. You may know at least one mummy who discovered that she was pregnant because she felt sick, went to the doctor looking for some help and got surprising news. However, at this point, if you're feeling these symptoms, they're probably due to you having your period, since pregnancy still hasn't happened. 

So, it is not that common to feel any of these symptoms until you reach the third week, so don't look for them desperately once you hope you could be carrying a child. Also, keep in mind that these changes in your body affect every woman in a different way. You'll never know until you get there.


1 week pregnant: Get ready!

As we've mentioned before, at the first week of pregnancy you are not technically with a baby on the way. In theory, you aren't restricted and can follow your normal habits in terms of diet, alcohol or medication, but if you want to have a baby it would be good if you started to plan in advance. The sooner you give up drinking and smoking (if that's the case), the better. Your day-by-day life is going to change dramatically in the next few weeks and if you make these sacrifices now, it will make the whole process a lot easier. 

At week 1, pregnancy can already be made better by following this advice: 

  • Having folic acid and vitamin D (the doctor will recommend it to you as soon as he knows you are pregnant).
  • Stop drinking coffee gradually. Though it's a controversial issue, experts claim high levels of caffeine can affect your fertility levels.
  • Relaxing. It's time to chill out and forget about stress.

Though there are no recommended appointments with the doctor for 1 week pregnant women, you should consider making the first contact with him. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, you should ask him all the questions you've got and let him know if you have a family history of inherited diseases. If you've been treated for a chronic disease, you shouldn't hide it either. He'll give you some advice and recommendations about how to adapt your lifestyle to your new condition.


To sum up, as a 1 week pregnant woman you still have some room for 'freedom', but you also have a lot of work and planning ahead. This is just the beginning of 9 months that will change your life and that you'll never forget. As tough as it can sometimes be, try to make the best of it with self-discipline and help from your family and friends.