You have probably been so absorbed with your new baby that you’ve forgotten about yourself – and possibly others have too! Your new cute baby is getting all the attention, but what about you? You deserve to be cared to as well, and the first one to do it has to be you! The mum’s well-being is of extreme importance, not only for her, but also for her baby: A happy mum is a better mum!

Your baby demands a lot of energy, so ask for help whenever you need it. And not only baby-related help: you may need attention or someone to talk to. Baby blues is quite common and could turn into postnatal depression, a very serious issue. Mood swings after pregnancy & birth affect to around 80% of new mums, but watch out if you’re feeling specially sad or weepy!


Working mum

Before being a mum, you probably had another job. It’s completely fine if you want to be a full-time mum, but you may want to keep advancing your career as well. If that’s your case, go for it! Share all baby care with daddy: this may not be possible if you are breastfeeding, but you won’t be doing it forever: once the baby starts eating solids, you can share all baby chores half-half. It’s only fair!

Being a working mum will probably be the only option if you are a single mum. If that’s your case, it is even more important to find a support system. Count on your family & friends and remember that you are not alone: you can share experiences and find other mums in your same situation in Captain Mums’ Community and Forums.

Surf our web to find helpful information for mums on beauty, health, lifestyle, fitness and more. You’ll also find insightful tips on how to find a much-needed balance between working, social & family life. Take care of yourself too, mummy!

period pain

When women reach puberty and have their first menstruation, most of them start struggling with period pain, the so-called dysmenorrhoea.