maternity allowance

If you’re not eligible for maternity pay, you may be a candidate to get maternity allowance.

Of course, this aid is not as beneficial as the one receive if you’re a candidate for Statutory Maternity Pay, but it’s better than nothing nonetheless. Keep reading to find the answers to all your questions about Maternity Allowance.


What exactly is maternity allowance?

Maternity allowance is an aid given by the UK government to those pregnant women who are not eligible to get Statutory Maternity Pay. The amount of money you will receive varies depending on your eligibility, but it can be:

  • £138.18 per week (or 90% of the amount you make a week if that is less than the amount stated) during a maximum of 39 weeks.
  • £27 per week during a maximum of 14 weeks.


Do I qualify for maternity allowance? 

The answer is yes, but, as you can see above, the differences in the type of maternity allowance you can receive are quite big. You are eligible for the first amount for 39 weeks if:

  • You’re employed but not eligible for Statutory Maternity Pay
  • If you’re self-employed and have payed Class 2 National Insurance during a minimum of 13 weeks of the 66 weeks before your baby’s born (or before your due date)
  • If you’ve recently found yourself out of a job but have been employed or self-employed during a minimum of 26 weeks (of the last 66 before your baby’s born); or you have earned a minimum of £30 per week in a period of 13 weeks.


If you don’t qualify for this, you can still get that small aid of £27 during 14 weeks if:

  • You are out of a job
  • You are married or in a civil partnership
  • You participate in your partner’s or husband’s business
  • Your partner or husband pays Class 2 National Insurance
  • Your partner or husband is self-employed


When can I claim it?

You can claim maternity allowance once you are 26 weeks pregnant, but you won’t start receiving the payments until 11 weeks before your due date. If your baby is born premature at any time during the pregnancy, or the words happen and is stillborn after you’re 24 weeks pregnant, you may still qualify to get maternity allowance.


What will I need to provide to get it?

In order to get your payments (which you’ll get in a bank account every month or fortnight), you will need to present:

  • Payslips or anything that proves your income, luke a Certificate of Small Earnings Exemption
  • A document that states your baby’s due date (signed by your doctor or midwife)
  • Your SMP1 form if your employer refused to cover your Statutory Maternity Pay
  • The MA1 claim form for maternity allowance, either printed or filled in online. You can find it in the government’s official website.


I need some more information. Where can I get it?

You can call Jobcentre plus to get more information about maternity allowance or if you’re a special case, from Monday to Friday from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. You can either:

  • Call: 0800 055 6688;
  • Or text: 0800 023 4888