October is here, and with it, CaptainMums’ new issue of our free magazine!

In the tenth issue of our free magazine, you will find lots of interesting articles about pregnancy and motherhood. Many tips and interesting information for mums and mums-to-be await you in this new issue!

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CaptainMum’s free magazine: The content

In October's issue of CaptainMums’ free magazine you will find the following topics:

  1. Getting pregnant: All you need to know about IVF: Fortunately, nowadays there are several treatments to improve fertility and help your chances of conceiving - as well as other technological aids, like in vitro fertilization or IVF. This month, in CaptainMums' free magazine, we tell you all you need to know about it!

  2. Kids: How to cope with sibling rivalry: Jealousy and conflicts are quite unavoidable when you have two or more kids - but keeping it under control is necessary to avoid it getting worse in the future. Here are CaptainMums' exclusive parenting tips.

  3. Mums: All you need to know about the diaphragm: Among the barrier birth control methods, the diaphragm is one of the options that women can wear, together with the female condom - which isn't quite the same. All your questions about it will be answered in October's issue of our free magazine.

  4. Getting pregnant: What is the best age to get pregnant? Is it better to get pregnant in your 20s or in your 30s? There isn't a single answer to that, of course, but we explain the pros and cons of getting pregnant at any age.

  5. Mums: All you need to know about IUD: If you need a long-term birth control method but not a definitive one, the IUD or intra uterine device is one of the most effective options. Don't miss this article if you want to learn more about it!


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