November is here, and with it, CaptainMums’ new issue of our free magazine!

In this issue of our free magazine, you will find lots of interesting articles about pregnancy and motherhood. Many tips and interesting information for mums and mums-to-be await you in this new issue!

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CaptainMum’s free magazine: The content

In November's issue of CaptainMums’ free magazine you will find the following topics:

  1. Getting pregnant: All you need to know about irregular periods: If you're not regular, conceiving a baby may be harder for you than for other women. However, it's not at all impossible! We tell you all you need to know about menstrual irregularities.

  2. Baby: Colic baby remedies: 10 different ways of helping him: It's  heart-breaking to see our little one suffering, and unfortunately, the baby colic can come to stay for a while. In this month's free magazine of CaptainMums, we tell you 10 tips and tricks to help him feel better.

  3. Kids: Chicken pox symptoms in kids: So itchy, and so uncomfortable. Have you ever had chicken pox? If not, be careful if your child has it, because it is very contagious! Learn how to recognise the symptoms with this article.

  4. Mums: How to manage your fertile days with the billings method: The billings method is a natural way of birth control or a natural way to find your fertile windows. Very effective to be completely natural! Learn all about it in CaptainMums' free magazine.

  5. Mums: All you need to know about tubal ligation: Enough babies? If you're sure that your family is big enough, getting your tubes tied is the most effective permanent birth control method. We tell you all about it.

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