CaptainMums’ first free magazine for 2016 is here! You can already download CaptainMum’s January issue so you can read it whenever and wherever you want.

As usual, you can share it with your friends – it contains the best information on pregnancy and babies!

CaptainMums’ fourth issue of the online free magazine contains plenty of useful tips and tools to incorporate to your mummy-belt. Keep reading to find out about the topics of this month’s issue!

CaptainMum’s free magazine: The content

These are the topics selected for CaptainMum’s free magazine for the month of January:

  1. Pregnancy: Understanding pregnancy hormones: During your pregnancy, you will hear doctors, midwives and friends blaming pregnancy hormones for all your annoying symptoms. You will blame them yourself! But did you know that pregnancy would be impossible without them? How many different hormones are considered to be the ‘pregnancy’ ones? What do they do? Discover the answer in January’s free magazine!

  2. Baby: How to help your baby crawl: Once your little one starts moving around, your days of peace will be over… But can you imagine how cute it’ll be, and how much he will like it? In CaptainMums’ free magazine, you will find many different tips on how to encourage your baby’s crawling while respecting his own pace. Don’t miss them!

  3. Baby: How to succeed with spoon feeding: And the useful tips for mummies won’t stop in baby crawling, since we’ll also tell you some valuable tricks to help your little one transition from breast or teat to spoon. Once he’s used to it, he’ll love it!

  4. Problems of pregnancy: All you need to know about sciatica: Sciatica may be one of the few annoyances of pregnancy that can’t be blamed on your current condition. However, your growing baby bump won’t be of help! In January’s issue of our free magazine, we’ll tell you what to do to relieve the pain.

  5. Family planning: Your Family Tax Credits, explained: Starting a family is neither cheap nor easy, but depending on your incomes, the UK Government may have some help for you in the form of Family Tax Credits. Find all you need to know about them in this month’s free magazine!

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