Christmas-y December is here, and with it, CaptainMums’ new issue of our free magazine!

In this issue of our magazine, you will find lots of interesting articles about pregnancy and motherhood. Many tips and interesting information for mums and mums-to-be await you in this new issue!

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CaptainMum’s free magazine: The content

In December issue of CaptainMums’ free magazine you will find the following topics:

  1. Getting pregnant: Coming off the pill and your next steps for getting pregnant: How to get pregnant is a common question among those women who decide to quit hormonal birth control methods. Will my fertility be affected? Find the answer in CaptainMums' free magazine.

  2. Baby: Travel systems: How to pick the perfect buggy for your baby: Buying the buggy is an important step for soon-to-be-parents, and it can be a real pickle! It's a pricy but necessary item, and we'll need to do some research before deciding which one to buy!

  3. Kids: Conjunctivitis in children: All you need to know: Also known as pinkeye, it's an uncomfortable but common affliction between kids. It's not serious, though! But we do need to recognise it, so in this article you will find all the information you need to know.

  4. Kids: How to discipline a child: 6 useful tips: Unfortunately, in our life as a mother we can't be always wearing our pink glasses. Our child is going to misbehave sometimes, and we'll have to discipline him or her. In this issue of our free magazine, we give you some useful tips to discipline your little one.

  5. Mums: Natural birth control: The rhythm method of contraception: As you probably know, there are several natural ways of finding your window of fertility, albeit they're not as reliable as other methods of birth control. However, techniques such as the rhythm method can be used for both avoiding and pursuing a pregnancy! Discover all about it in our free magazine.

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