August is here, and with it, CaptainMums’ new issue of our free magazine!

In this issue of our magazine, you will find lots of interesting articles about pregnancy and motherhood. Many tips and interesting information for mums and mums-to-be await you in this new issue!

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CaptainMums' free magazine: The content

This is what you will find in August issue of CaptainMums' free magazine:

  1. Getting pregnant: What is IVF? All you need to know: In-vitro fertilisation is the solution for many couples who have trouble conceiving naturally. In this month's free magazine we will answer all your questions about it.

  2. Pregnancy: All you need to know about morning sickness: It's probably the most universal pregnancy symptom - few are the lucky ones who don't have to deal with nausea at some point during their pregnancies! Besides providing lots of information about them, here you'll find a few tips to get rid of them.

  3. Baby: Breathing problems in babies: It's pretty common to be worried all the time about our little ones, and even listen to their breathing and freak out at the slightest snore. We help you learn when our baby's breathing is perfectly normal, snoring included, and when it's not.

  4. Kids: Is your kid swearing? Here's how to teach him not to: Children swear - that's a tricky phase many parents how to go through. And, depending on how you deal with it, it can last more or less... Find CaptainMums' tips in this month's free magazine.

  5. Mums: All you need to know about postnatal depression: Postpartum depression is a very serious issue that needs to be acknowledged and treated. No mum is safe from it, and it's more common than you'd think. We tell you all about it.

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