Well done, mum! You did it. Your toddler is a fully-grown child now, and you can finally get some rest. Not much though – your child may not need as much attention as he did when he was a baby or a toddler, but your job as a mum is far from over. New milestones and challenges will come soon, and you need to be prepared!

One of the greatest milestones for kids is the first day of school. Most kids start going to day-care or school at age two, and it is a very important step. Find some tips here on how to make the transition easier and make sure your child knows that you will always be there after school.


Kids pushing boundaries

Some common problems after the toddler stage are fussy eaters. Kids should be eating a wide variety of foods, which may prove difficult sometimes. Potty training can get messy and last for a long time. Maybe you have already started, maybe not: every child has his own pace, and he will decide when he’s ready. Some kids even experience a setback, so you may be starting all over again! Remember that the most important thing is to stay calm and not stress your child, since stressing him could make him dread potty time!

Tantrums are not news at this point, but the situation could get uglier. The bigger your child is, the most independence he seeks from you, so be extra patient with him – and don’t join him in the yelling! 

Pestering, usually associated with tantrums, will also become an issue you’ll have to cope with. Patience will also be your best ally in this one! 

However, not everything related to kids is going to be this hard. You are also entering a very rewarding stage: your child’s accomplishments, such as learning to read, will make you extremely proud, and you can also expect truly funny moments: the language explosion and pronunciation difficulties can be hilarious in kids!


As bad as it may sound, kids have their own way to coerce you: pestering. “Mum, I want this! Please, please, if you don't buy it, I'll cry”.

healthy snacks for kids

As a parent, you need to understand the importance of healthy snacks for kids, as well as how to use these 'mini meals' to ensure that they get all the nutrition they need.

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