easter ideas for kids

Easter is already here! Our little ones will have a rest from school, and we will be able to spend some quality time with them. So what about discussing Easter ideas for kids?

Easter is a great time to bond with our children, usually so busy with school and extracurricular activities – as we are busy with work and daily life! Your kids will love to be able to spend some family time with you, and is there a better way of doing so than with Easter ideas for kids?

Maybe you’re going on holidays and you won’t have much time for arts & crafts, but if you’re staying home this year, here you have a few tips to entertain your children!

Top Easter ideas for kids: Going outside

The weather is usually not so cold anymore once Easter arriveS, so doing some outdoors activities is always a good plan! Of course, your kids will still need a good coat – Spring is here and the sun is out, but we’ll still have to wait a while for the summery weather!

Here you have some outdoors Easter ideas for kids:

  1. Do an Easter egg hunt: The most traditional outdoors activity is, of course, the Easter egg hunt, one of the most entertaining Easter ideas for kids. You’ll just need some chocolate Easter eggs and baskets to collect them. Hide the eggs around the garden and start the hunt! However, be careful if you have children of different ages, since the older ones could find all of them first and disappoint the little ones of the family!
    If the weather’s not good, you don’t need to sacrifice the Easter egg hunt, since children usually love it so much. What about hiding the chocolate eggs around the house? It will be a different but fun experience!
  2. Go to the forest: You can get a bunch of Easter eggs (and other healthier snacks) and go on an excursion to the mountain or the forest. Then, you can eat the Easter eggs once you’ve arrived to your favourite spot!

  3. Dress as the Easter bunny: Yes, Carnival is over, but kids still like to dress up! You can dress them up as the Easter bunny and go outside – or, if you have a baby, you can dress him up!

  4. Easter egg spoon race: This can get messy, but your kids will have lots of fun and will end up tired enough for you to relax later! You can use chocolate eggs instead of regular ones.


Top Easter ideas for kids: Rainy weather

If it’s raining or if the weather’s too cold, there are plenty of things you can do inside the house to have some fun with your children, like the following:

  1. Make your own Easter eggs: Making your own chocolate eggs can be one of the greatest Easter ideas for kids. You’ll just need chocolate bars, a little bit of olive oil, half egg chocolate moulds.. and a bit of patience!

  2. Tell Easter stories: Research online to find stories with the Easter bunny as the protagonist. You can tell them to your kids, and you can also make up your own together.

  3. Watch an Easter film: There’s nothing cosier than a film and a blanket in a rainy afternoon! There are plenty of Easter films for kids, such as Hop, Bugs Bunny’s Easter Funnies or Here comes Peter Cottontail. Your kids can snack on chocolate eggs while they watch them!

  4. Paint Easter eggs: If you don’t have the utensils to make your own chocolate eggs, you can boil regular eggs and decorate them with paint afterwards. One of the most creative Easter ideas for kids!

So what did you think about this fun Easter ideas for kids? Do you have some more tips and ideas? Don’t forget to tell us your Easter egg fun activities and experiencies in the comments below!