how to conceive a girl

Do you know any tips on how to conceive a girl? Have you ever thought about it?

As incredible as it may sound, selecting the gender of your future baby is nowadays an option with decent success rates. If your heart is set on having a cute little girl, you have to know that there are many methods to make, or try to make, your dream come true. 

How? That's what we'll try to explain in the following article, so keep reading!


How to conceive a girl in the laboratory

Don't worry, this is not what it sounds like and you won't need to have sex in a laboratory. Yet, your future baby girl will be 'chosen' there through scientific methods. There are two high-tech options that, despite being technically created to solve genetic gender disorders, can also serve the purpose of selecting between girl-producing sperm (X) and boy-producing sperm (Y): Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). Through PGD, the doctor can implant embryos of the desired sex in the mother's uterus, and then use the sperm-sorting technique, based on separating the chosen sperm in the lab to have it inserted via intrauterine insemination (IUI) afterwards. They are controversial and expensive, but experts claim that they are also pretty effective.


How to conceive a girl: The Shettles method 

This method has been around since the 1960s, when doctor Landrum B. Shettles claimed that X-sperm are slower but more resistant than Y-sperm, and worked on a selecting gender theory based on the menstrual cycle. As the female-producing sperm are meant to swim slower, Shettles suggested that you should have sex two to four days before ovulation takes place. By then, male-producing sperm may all have died, so the egg will mostly get fertilised by the female-producing one. Also, if you are looking for a girl, this method advises you against having intercourse if you have clear vaginal mucus, since it is a reliable sign of ovulation. This is called the Shettles method.


How to conceive a girl: The Whelan method

Doctor Whelan's method contradicts the Shettles one, since it has different timings for succeeding at having a girl or a boy. Whelan supports the idea that due to biochemical factors, you are more likely to have a girl on the way if you try to conceive it two to three days before you ovulate.


Being on a mission 

Of course, if you wonder how to conceive a girl or a boy, the immediate answer that you may think of is sex. Indeed, to make a baby there's no better recipe than having a lot of sex, but let's clarify something here. Since X-sperm take their time to make their way through your genital tract, it's good to 'invest in' sex positions that prevent deep penetration. For example, the missionary position, which puts the man on top of you while you lie on your back.

Other studies have come up with the idea that female orgasms may be counterproductive for conceiving a girl. Apparently, when having an orgasm, women's bodies release an alkaline secretion that can set good conditions for boy sperm to live longer. That may increase the chances of being pregnant with a boy instead of a girl. So now you know: don't get too excited!


Veggies and fruits, other allies

Changes in your diet are thought to be important when it comes to selecting gender. For example, researchers consider that following a vegetarian diet, with vegetables rich in calcium and magnesium like leafy greens and fruits, can increase your chances of conceiving a girl. In addition, there are other studies that encourage you to eat acidic foods in the previous days to ovulation. These can alter the pH of your vagina and make it less bearable for boy sperm.


So, what do you think? You can no longer wonder how to conceive a girl, because as you can see there are several ways to do it. We'll let you decide how much credit you give them and if they are worth trying out. And, if it's not a girl what you want, there are also tips and techniques on how to conceive a boy.