how to conceive a boy

Have you ever wondered how to conceive a boy? Maybe you already have a girl, and you're aiming for one of each!

If you plan on getting pregnant and you've made up your mind to raise a guy instead of a girl, you have to know that there are ways to increase the odds of welcoming a baby boy into your life. However, selecting the gender of your future child is a controversial issue, since only a few methods are proven to be effective but, at the same time, these tend to be invasive.

If your priority is conceiving a boy, keep reading to know all the available options for you to try out.


How to conceive a boy: Let science decide

The most reliable methods to have a clear shot at conceiving a boy involve science. There are different high-tech solutions to choose the gender, like:

  • Sperm sorting: this technique consists in separating the X-sperm, the girl one, from the Y-sperm, related to boys, in a laboratory. Then, the doctor takes a sample of the Y-sperm so that he or she can either insert it via intrauterine insemination (IUI) or use it to fertilise the egg in vitro.

  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD): this method was originally created to prevent gender-linked disorders, but nowadays it's also used to help parents choose between a boy or a girl. Technically, the procedure allows the doctor to extract a convenient cell from the forming embryo to implant it in your uterus afterwards. 

Needless to say, such methods are pricey and also ethically questioned by the scientific community.


How to conceive a boy: The Shettles method

As its name indicates, the Shettles method was created in the 1960s by Landrum B. Shettles, a biologist who claimed that male-producing sperm (Y) are faster but live less time than girl-producing sperm (X), which are more resilient. Considering this information, he suggested that if you want to be pregnant with a boy, you should have intercourse 24 hours before or after ovulating, since the fastest sperm (the boy-producing one) will make its way to the egg before dying. On the contrary, those parents who are looking for a girl should have sex between two to four days before the woman ovulates, because then the remaining sperm will be girl-producing.

To back up this theory, which is meant to have a 75% success rate, there are extra techniques that may make it more effective. Basically, these deal with specific sex positions that allow for deep penetration, such as the doggy style, standing up and straddling. The goal is for your couple to ejaculate as close to the cervix as possible, because then it is more likely for sperm to find the egg.


How to conceive a boy: The Whelan method

When you think of how to conceive a boy, you can also consider the Whelan method, though it's been called into question by many critics. Its premise crashes into the Shettles method's one, since it defends the idea that biochemical changes in a woman's body during her cycle can prioritise X-sperm over Y-sperm, or the other way around. According to the Whelan method, the best timing to conceive a boy is four to six days before ovulation.


How to conceive a boy: Gender-selection kits

There's also a wide variety of products that are marketed as gender-selection providers. They are usually kits that contain nutritional supplements and douches, which are meant to set the best conditions in the vaginal tract either to receive X or Y sperm. Their efficiency hasn't been proven scientifically either.


Do you know how to conceive a boy, after all? As you can see, there are different steps to achieve it, but none of them are perfect. The most effective ones are expensive and require medical intervention, while the others are easy to try out but not to rely on. Besides your desire of conceiving a boy (or not! There are also ways on how to conceive a girl) don't forget that no matter the gender, the most important thing is that your future baby is healthy!