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Stainless steel is generally "stainless" in the atmosphere. The so-called stainless is a relative concept. Its corrosion resistance is conditional. Under certain conditions, stainless steel will also corrode. At present, there is no stainless steel with non-rust and corrosion resistance in any corrosive environment. Local corrosion is the most se...

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vickyyihui started a new discussion Burn Of Square Bolt... 1 week ago

1. Exterior residue: White residue on high-strength DIN 603, which was analyzed by instrument and proved to be phosphide. This reaction occurred because the acid cleaner was not cleaned and the rinsing tank was not thoroughly inspected. 2. Pollution during rinsing: DIN 603 needs to be cleaned with silicate cleaner after quenching and then rinse...

vickyyihui started a new discussion Surface Protection Of Square ... 1 month ago

DIN 603 bolts are also made of metal, and there are four main methods of metal corrosion protection, namely the nature of the material, the environment in which it is used, the interface between the material and the environment, and the plan to improve the metal structure. If DIN 603 bolts are made of non-defective and corrosion-resistant al...

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